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At Mick’s Gym we are committed to providing our members with the cheapest possible supplements in Melbourne. From Protein, Creatines, Fat Burners, Pre, Post and during workout supplements we can provide you with everything you need. January 21, 2015A weight loss pill that is touted to help people shed off kilos of unwanted fat may be available soon in Australia.
However, based on the study published in the Medical Journal of Australia, this new pill has a number of adverse side effects.
Weight watchers should take note that there are two studies that were presented at the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2010. The Department of Health and Aging in Australia has also reported that the benefits of weight loss products are often confused with the results of the secondary advice provided alongside them. For instance, in every pack or bottle of weight loss pills, there are small prints which instruct the buyer not to forget physical exercise and to eat energy-controlled diets. Therefore, the effects brought about by the improvement in the weight watcher’s lifestyle cannot be disregarded in the eventual weight loss result.

Among the side effects they suffered include dry mouth and tingling, depression, and prickling or burning sensations.
During the first stage of the treatment when they were required to eat very low-energy diet, there was a 13 kilogram reduction in their average weight.
Joseph Proietto, professor and lead researcher said phentermine-topiramate therapy, although effective in reducing weight and helping the patients maintain it, was not well tolerated. This pill, as one research paper suggests, may help people maintain the loss and stay skinny. This is quite possible because the pill is a combination of phentermine, a form of appetite suppressant, and the epilepsy drug topiramate. This study emphasized that weight loss pills were no more effective than the placebo supplements they were compared with.
Thomas Ellrot, leader of the study and head of the Institute for Nutrition and Psychology at the University of Gottingen, Medical School, Germany. But isn’t exercising and dieting are the things weight watchers are avoiding when they drink weight loss pills?

My name is Eddy Buckley and I work primarily within the media release department at Australian Gym Guide, I have a background in Mass Communications specialising in Advertising, Marketing and Media and Communications. The drug was tested on 103 patients by a team of researchers at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. They said they ceased taking their pills because of the side effects they have experienced. Their average weight fell by 6.7 from the close of their low calorie diet stage, to the time of the last measurement of their weight. I also have a true passion for all things fitness related and I thoroughly believe that through health and fitness, people can achieve a significantly better a quality of life. My hope is educate and inform others of current news and events within the Health and Fitness Industry in Australia and I invite you to join the conversation by commenting with your thoughts on any articles that catch your interest.

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