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A patented natural supplement that contains concentrated green tea extract rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol which helps stimulate thermogenesis. Suggested Use: Take two (2) tablets daily, one with breakfast and one with dinner as a dietary supplement. Your effort to overcome obesity is more likely to be successful if you follow simple and effective strategies even at your home in addition to your formal treatment plan.
While obesity is considered a medical risk, fighting obesity is something that can be incorporated into daily life. Education about obesity can help you learn more about why you became obese and what you can do about it.
When you have to lose a significant amount of weight, you may set goals that are unrealistic, such as trying to lose too much too fast.
Distract yourself from your desire to eat with something positive, such as calling a friend.
Facebook Covers InformationCheck out the Weight Loss Support Group facebook covers that our user has made.
If there’s a universally favorite song, it must be “I get by with a little help from my friends.” We can all relate. The truth is, some friends or family might turn on you–try to make you feel like a loser.
They do not understand how hard you have to work to change your eating habits or behaviors. Some of them are just jealous for various reasons—that your insurance covers the surgery, that you are making good changes.  They resent that you’re looking better and better.
At The Nebraska Medical Center, we have a support group that is run by a nurse case manager. I have seen support groups that are conducted by the patients—and very often information gets presented as “fact” when it is not. These support programs—and their new-found friends—help our patients to “stay the course” in their weight-loss journey. They now have supportive friends who understand exactly what the journey is like—and who share their dream of losing that weight. Corrigan McBride, MDTo make an appointment with Corrigan McBride, MD or for a consultation at the Bariatrics Center, please call 800-922-0000.
I lived in a world of denial, always believing that that one little cookie, the fourth slice of pizza, or the creamy pasta wouldn’t count, but it did.

To list the events I promised myself I’d lose weight for would be to list all major life things that happened to me from 10 to 24, from birthdays, to school starting in the fall, junior and senior proms, to my first, and then last day of university. I’d go through phases of dieting, harsh restrictions to my lifestyle I could never keep up, and just like everybody else, I would lose 20 pounds, and then gain 30 back (usually from celebrating said weight loss with food).
It was this endless, awful cycle, of desiring something so much, just wanting to be “normal,” yet failing miserably every day. Weight and food consumed my whole life, and eventually, as the weight continued to creep on, I found myself turning down going out, choosing not to see friends, and even ordering clothes online as I was too self conscious to go to the plus size stores. Breaking Point: They say (I’m looking at you, Oprah), that behind every overweight person is an underlying issue being covered with food. A quick late-night-Google later, and suddenly Wikipedia was telling my 24 year old self she was “morbidly obese.” My God, that doesn’t sound good. I didn’t just say, “I’m going to lose weight!” For the first time in my life, I actually meant it. I’ve uttered those five little words a thousand and one times, but that night alone in my bedroom was very, very different.
How I Lost It: For the most part, when people are overweight it’s because they’ve eaten too much and I, ladies and gentlemen, was absolutely no different. The next morning, after my “ah-ha” moment, I found a pen and blank piece of paper, and started to record everything I put in my mouth. For several months, I blogged the ups, the downs, and the internal battle that goes with any weight loss journey, all the while watching what I ate, and never ever introducing exercise into my routine. But I filed that little sentence, “running just melts the fat off,” somewhere in my brain’s archives which meant that when I received an email from my friend asking me to train for a 5K, I was still intrigued by that “melts the fat off” business, and it encouraged me to actually say yes. The Biggest Loser, commercials on TV, stories you hear through the grapevine, all feature people shedding the pounds from running and exercise, so I would too, right?
And so I became a runner, slowly, but surely, increasing my race distances one race at a time until, on October 10th 2010, I ran my first full marathon. It took me two full marathons, a lot of headaches, heartaches and leg-aches, but I eventually figured it out. Over the years, I’ve learned that for most of us, weight loss isn't about figuring out the “how." We all know how to lose weight, we all know what’s healthy, and we all know what’s not.
I'm now down 50 pounds and couldn't be happier, but am still on my weight loss journey (slow and steady folks, slow n’ steady).
The purity and amount of EGCG in Weight Loss Support is much higher than most other green tea dietary supplements.

Small changes can lead to big improvements when it comes to weight loss and an overall healthy lifestyle. Be honest with your doctor, therapist or other health care providers if you find your activity or eating goals slipping. Surround yourself with people who will support you and help you, not sabotage your efforts. We litterally have thousands of facebook covers for you to browse and hundreds of Weight Loss Support Group covers as well.
Life is easier—sweeter—when you’ve got good friends to share it with…friends who have your back…friends truly do want good things for you.
Research shows that bariatric patients who participate in support groups and classes do better than those who don’t. All our groups are run by health care professionals, so the information that patients receive is accurate.
Recent research shows EGCG supplementation can help promote fat oxidation and help induce lipolysis. Zone Labs offers inflammation-reducing products including OmegaRx fish oil, Polyphenols and Pasta. Read reputable self-help books and consider talking about them with your doctor or therapist.
You can discover behavior that may be holding you back and, conversely, what works well for you. Make sure to view them all and check back often as we always are adding facebook covers for your facebook timeline. It’s all geared to patients who are either on a medical weight loss program–or who are getting ready for bariatric surgery. Make small changes in your diet instead of attempting drastic changes that you're not likely to stick with for the long haul.
You can also use the journal to track other important health parameters such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels and overall fitness.

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