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You’ve probably already heard of some benefits of spices, such as cinnamon and of animal byproducts, such as honey.
Aristotle and Aristoxenus, from around 300-400 BC even mentioned the famous combination, sharing accounts of the healing properties (Dr. Sure, the two have been raved about for centuries, but these days we want details, details, details!
When honey and cinnamon come together, they are said to give a big, healthy boost to the immune system. In Type II Diabetes, cinnamon and honey have been known to reduce fluctuations in blood sugar and encourage more consistent glucose use in the body. Honey and cinnamon, when taken regularly, can keep bones healthy and reduce pain in joints. As if there were something we thought this duo couldn’t do, honey and cinnamon are good for the digestive system, too.
If you already have a weight loss plan in place, a little honey and cinnamon may be the extra little something you need to really see results. Everything depends on our hearts, so we want to do everything we can to care for our precious tickers. All you need to do is steep the cinnamon in the water, wait for it to cool a bit, then add the honey. For your morning dose, drink it up even before you eat breakfast (at least 30 minutes) to get your metabolism going for the rest of the day. Brew a simple cup of cinnamon tea, sweetened with honey any time you feel a cold coming on. With one simple goal, we aim to bring you the best of the internet into a central location for an array of popular topics. Using Honey and Cinnamon for Weight LossHoney and cinnamon are a great combination for a weight loss plan. It has been noted that it works best when taken half an hour before breakfast in the morning and then before going to bed.
I have not come across any scientific studies or research supporting the claim that honey and cinnamon combination reduces weight.
As with any other weight control program, Honey and cinnamon need to be used with a little bit of change in your diet and exercise.
We received an email from one of our visitors who took the cinnamon and honey drink for a couple of weeks. Thanks to the people at PEAS Health for posting the post on honey and cinnamon weight loss. When I read about the benefits of honey and the herb, I just wanted to give it a go and derive some benefits. But there is catch that is only rarely mentioned.  Not just any kind of honey or cinnamon helps best in cutting weight. The beauty of honey is that, no matter what the label says, it had to come from bees to be honey. For example, raw honey is a powerful anti-bacterial agent that has for centuries been used to treat wounds. Diluted or processed honey will, of course, have some body-sugar level management properties too.

Both Cinnamons have weight loss properties.  They lower blood sugar levels and that way prevent the body from creating new fat, even as it burns existing fat in increased metabolism. The upshot is it is best to use the lighter colored, less pungent and more expensive, Ceylon cinnamon in a weight loss program.  But even here there is a twist.
Crystal All Natural Raw Honey is made by third generation beekeepers with over fifty years of experience and knowledge.
These effects make it the perfect natural solution for arthritis pain or to complement an existing regimen. Together they eliminate gas from the stomach, can soothe a tummy ache, reduce instances of flatulence, solve indigestion, and treat bladder infections. Honey and cinnamon have been known to slow hair loss, possibly encourage hair growth, and nurture hair all along the way. It isn’t a miracle drug, but when honey and cinnamon are combined in warm water they are said to be a useful weight loss assistant. Keeping the body running in tip-top shape and reducing instances of infections can also lead to a longer lifespan–the ultimate benefit. You can also use this same recipe between meals to manage your appetite and before workouts to give you a super-effective workout session (Bembu).
Maybe you’ve been having the same bagel and butter for breakfast every day for the last 20 years. It will work to clear up your blocked sinuses and keep your immune system strong so it can fight off the current and future colds.
Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals which raises energy levels and naturally suppresses psychological food cravings. It regulates blood sugar, reduces bad and total cholesterol levels and increases glucose metabolism by 20 times. There is, however, a good deal of anecdotal evidence claiming benefits of weight loss, reduction in fats and many other health benefits.
After two weeks of regularly taking it twice a day, I noticed a huge change in my eating habits.
When I just stood on the scale, I was amazed at a couple of pounds I lost without any conscious effort.
There are two types of cinnamon, the more common Cassia Cinnamon native to Burma, Vietnam and China, and the more expensive and Ceylon Cinnamon native to Sri Lanka.
Both also make a distinction between good and bad cholesterol, suppressing the bad type and boosting the good type.
The coumarin toxin is fat-soluble while the extract you need from cinnamon to help you lose weight is water-soluble.  Which means that if you could, somehow, dissolve the Cassia cinnamon in warm water without the honey, you could greatly lower the risk of ingesting the toxin. The marriage of cinnamon and honey is not a new union, but in its recent health-fad era it is time we take a closer look at the two to really appreciate the curious couple. The combination has a long, strong history in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, some uses traced back to 5000 years ago. Honey and cinnamon can be a perfect addition to your cosmetic or beauty shelves, for several reasons.
They are said to reduce cholesterol (which we all know is key to a healthy cardiovascular system).
Cassia cinnamon is toxic and using it regularly or for longer periods may pose serious health dangers.

But some brands of honey are processed or diluted from the all natural raw state in which it was harvested.
The problem is that the Cassia Cinnamon – which is darker in color and has a stronger flavor – contains a naturally occurring toxin, coumarin, which can damage the liver.
The natural energy and sugar source reduces changes of the same severe fluctuations that artificial sweeteners do. They contribute to our heart health reducing the level of the bad cholesterol, the LDL cholesterol, in our arteries.
If you suffer from chronic arthritis, you can also start a regimen of tea with honey and cinnamon for a more internal approach to your joint pain. When both are combined and taken together, it speeds up the metabolism and breaks down body’s fat faster.
I think it regulated something inside my body which gets me rid off the psychological eating issue. That sort of honey will not harm you but it will not have the full complement of the properties of the all natural raw honey.
But, as far as weight loss is concerned, it is the body sugar level management properties of natural honey that makes it such an effective ingredient.
Along with this, the combination is said to also reduce chronic forms of fatigue, keeping your body well rested and ready to fight off infections.
Start by adding honey and cinnamon to your bread in the morning, instead of fatty butter or sugary jam. During my main meal times, I would eat as much as I could trying to satisfy an inner unsatisfying urge for more food.
As it regulated my eating habits (and something inside my body), I must have eaten a lot less which resulted in the fat loss.
Raw honey speeds up the conversion of food into energy by the body, in effect both preventing the accumulation of body fat and draining out existing fat. Because the plan requires a daily dose of a specific amount of the two ingredients – typically a spoonful of honey and a half spoonful of cinnamon. This fact is important in a weight loss plan because the danger of liver damage is increased by regular use of Cassia cinnamon – exactly what a weight loss regime would require.  In contrast, use of Cassia cinnamon in food is less regular and in smaller doses, which makes it perfectly safe.
Cinnamon has properties that focus more specifically on preventing tumors or the growth and spread of cancer through tumors. Honey and cinnamon are even said to diminish the power of free radicals upon the skin, thus reducing age spots and wrinkles. The honey and cinnamon are a delicious substitution and you will save your blood vessels and prevent heart attacks at the same time. If you are not using the fully potent, all natural raw honey, you might well be taking insufficient amounts of the metabolism speeding properties necessary for effective body loss. Additionally, honey contains acids that stop lipoxygenase and phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C.

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