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If you want to eat something sweet, try to combine this food with high protein food and low GI carbohydrates, healthy fats. Mark, RAW Vegan up to 6 years (no meat, no eggs, no dairy, no cooking or baking), proponent of calisthenics (RAW Training – bodyweight exercises).
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL VISITORS TO THIS WEBSITE:This website is entirely not-for-profit and is set up and supported by Kathryn Marsden purely as a resource to provide information on matters related to health and diet. The Food Combining Made Easy consists on combining food to lose weight, help digestion and feel better.
Food Combining Meal Plan, lose 4 lbs per week (minimum 1 month) and Control weight all the life. The objective of the Food Combining Meal Plan is to lose weight and achieve that a person remains thin the rest of his life, eating around 2,500 calories per day.

Protein and carbohydrates is better to take separate, because, to digest protein your body needs acid, to digest carbohydrates your body needs digestive enzymes (pepsin and papain). The Food Combining Diet is based on the distribution of the food during the 24 hours of the day, and not on the food quantity or calories. Fruits are simple sugars, try to use them at the right time, when you are really active, because when you eat fruit it gives you energy, but, if you are watching TV or doing computer work it will be stored as fat all the time!!!
And even if you've tried using food combinations before and perhaps found the whole idea too complicated, it really is worth a second go. Each day you can cook your own menu, but always choosing the food from the mentioned groups. The author of this web does not take responsibility of the application that the readership does of his content.

Let’s achieve your goals together (fat burn, muscle gain, speed, endurance, power, flexibility, healthy life style).
I can design nutrition plan for: (muscle gain, fat burn, detox, raw food diet, food combination, alkaline, blood type diet). However, I have used a few pictures that I already had on file and that were provided to me from other sources as being copyright-free. Unlike low-calorie programmes that set you up to fail, The Complete Book of Food Combining sets you up to succeed by helping you to eat more healthily and to balance your weight in the long term.

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