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If you are currently struggling with your weight and have tried more traditional weight loss methods, such as diet and exercise for example, maybe these weird weight loss tips will help. Tie yourself up – Some French women wear a ribbon around their waist as this makes them conscious of their belly.
Cut up your food – By cutting your food into smaller pieces you can trick your brain into believing that there is more on your plate, which can mean that you are eating less.
Pay with cash – Research has shown that paying with cash rather than a credit card ensures you pick healthier food options.
Turn the heating off at night – Research has shown that those who slept in a room heated to 66 degrees rather than 75 degrees burnt 7% more calories. I need to lose weight soon quickly my weight is 101 kg and tall 170 cm but I tried most of ways to loss weight and many kinds of diet.
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10 Weight Loss Products That Don’t WorkIf you are trying to lose weight but are finding it .. Give your rating: People are ready to do anything and everything to lose their extra weight. We all know that regular exercise and healthy eating are keys to achieve a good physique; however a little extra help may aid in the prevention of those hard to beat weight loss plateaus. So we aren’t going to do anything fancy or try to sell you anything, we are just going to state some effective yet unusual ways of shedding some extra pounds. According to research conducted at the Cornell and Binghamton Universities, purchasing food with your credit card can aid in weight gain. Research shows that both men and women consume fewer calories when they are accompanied by a male companion than by a woman. Studies conducted with overweight people indicated that people lost more weight during a certain diet when they had a larger breakfast and had a special treat along with it, as compared to others who just had a normal breakfast. Another way of curbing your sugar cravings is spraying some vanilla scented perfume on yourself. Cool water can be more refreshing than warm water, but studies show that sipping on warm water throughout the day can actually help you lose weight. This may sound odd but cutting up your food may give you the illusion that there is more on your plate thus, allowing you to eat less than you normally do while feeling satisfied with your meal.

Blue is a calming color for any room and it is an excellent choice for your kitchen too, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.
If you’re on Facebook, you probably already know that you are in constant danger of being tagged to an unpleasant photo from your fat old days.
With targeted resistance exercise, not only tighter thighs but also a tight body with good muscle definition is just a stone’s throw away. We often seek medical advice, try home remedies, prefer exercise, practise yoga, follow a strict low calorie diet and what not!
Researchers at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Arizona State University discovered that participants who watched themselves while eating did not overindulge.
By dessert, we don’t intend to go overboard, but having a healthy dessert such as Greek yogurt with berries and nuts or homemade banana muffins may be excellent choices. Studies which applied vanilla-scented patches on the back of the volunteers’ hands indicated that this suppressed their appetite for sugary foods and beverages. While the reason for this is not yet understood, some people find that drinking warm water before their meals helps them feel fuller and prevents them from eating too much. However, wearing something way too comfy and loose-fitting such as pajamas can make you eat more.
Studies show that shades of blue and green act as appetite suppressants, whereas colors such as yellow and red may do the opposite. Studies show that getting tagged on unflattering photos on Facebook is a new trigger for many people to lose weight.
But, some people will make us surprised by their sudden weight loss without spending much time and effort.
During the experiments, mirrors were placed in front of the volunteers and the study concluded that the people with the mirror ate less than those without one.
We all spend waaay more than we should when we pay with our credit cards than while paying with cash. While it is true that women eat less when they are dining with a male to appear more “feminine” and “controlled”, men tend to eat too much when they’re with women in an attempt to show off their “masculinity”. Having a treat in the morning will curb your sugar cravings and prevent you from overeating any sweets. This is mainly because loose clothes make you feel thinner and makes you less aware of your body. Several studies show that people tend to work harder in the morning than during the day and hence, burn more calories during their workouts.

Therefore, choose blue table covers, dishes, cups and spoons and paint the walls blue if you can to control your hunger.
Moreover, Facebook is also a motivator because most people enjoy putting up flattering pictures of themselves in a suit, a tight-fitting dress or a swimsuit at the beach. This research indicates that when we look at ourselves while we eat, we focus more on our bodies and actually concentrate on ourselves while eating thus, making sure that we don’t overeat. Studies show that paying with your credit card can expand your waistline, as you are more likely to purchase unhealthy products such as junk food, candies and booze, impulsively. Therefore, for both cases, eating with a man will help you consume less food and hence, lose weight. Therefore, even though we don’t advise you to wear tight-fitting and uncomfortable clothes, wearing fitting clothes can help you become more aware of your body while eating and allow you to eat less than you usually should.
While it is a well-known fact that eating healthy and exercising regularly are the best ways to lose your extra weight, sometimes we try some weird things in life to give that extra push. When you pay with cash, you tend you plan your purchases better and try to eliminate foods that you don’t need such as junk food in an attempt to save some cash.
If you love to try weird things in life, here is a chance for you to try it on your weight loss plan. This will help you eat healthier and prevent overconsumption of foods your body doesn’t need. Watching ourselves eating makes us conscious about the quantity of food that we consume and the way how we are eating. It is true that you will be concerned about what you are eating and how you are eating if you are wearing your office dress or uniform.
Once your craving is overruled by your financial state, you can find how you can lose weight in this weird way.
The end seat will make your favourite dishes less accessible and it is apparent that you will not shout for it in public.

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