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The current recommended daily allowance (RDA) is 350 mg of magnesium daily but many experts believe the RDA should be at least 600 mg. Healthy tip: Spread pumpkin seeds on a baking pan and spray with Tamari sauce or Braggs amino acids, bake at 375 degrees for 5-10 minutes. Potassium deficiency may cause chronic health problems like muscle cramping, weakness, fatigue, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and digestive issues.
Potassium is essential for ketogenesis (burning fat as energy) and flushed from the body during exercise. There are extreme diets to treat specific ailments (diets that I do not recommend under any circumstances) in which adherents eat 30 bananas (amounting to ~15g of potassium) per day without overdose.
Because it’s impossible for me to meet the RDA on my diet I did some research into the absolute minimum requirements for potassium.
My research initially turned up a couple lists of so-called potassium rich foods that were too edited to be relevant to low-carb diets.
The list above has a lot of focus on grains and fruits as the best sources of potassium – which they are. From the above table it’s clear that I am falling well short of the RDA for potassium though I am exceeding the EMR of 2,000mg.

The recommended daily amount for an adult male is 4,700mg but less than 2,900mg may be lead to deficiency 2.
A deficiency may also cause high blood pressure while a major study suggests that potassium supplements may reduce systolic blood pressure by ~8 points 3. Potassium is required to break down carbohydrates and make amino acids from proteins therefore a deficiency of potassium will negatively effect metabolism. However potassium injections would cause overdose in much smaller amounts due to the nature of synthetic potassium. 4 This amount is considered break-even because the body flushes out ~2g of potassium per day.
These tables might be useful to tailor a diet solely around potassium but less helpful when factoring multiple dietary goals like low-carb, gluten-free, diabetes, high blood pressure or low cholesterol. But most food contains at least a little potassium so it’s important to consider everything to get an accurate baseline.
Delicious! What factors deplete our magnesium levels? Excessive intake of phosphorus, calcium, saturated fat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol deplete magnesium levels. Getting the required daily amount of potassium reduces the chance of stroke and osteoporosis.

Eating processed foods can also create magnesium deficiency symptoms since minerals are lost in processing. In Dr. However if kidneys are functioning properly and adequate water is consumed there is little fear of overdosing on potassium derived by natural sources.
Cass Ingrama€™s book: a€?How To Eat Right and Live Longera€™, he confirms that most minerals are lost in the food refining process. For example, when whole wheat flour is refined into white flour the following percent of minerals are lost: 87% of chromium, 90% of manganese, 83% of magnesium, 82% of zinc, 81% of iron, 66% of copper. Ingrams says that diuretics are very dangerous since they a€?wash outa€™ valuable heart healthy nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, chloride, sodium and zinc. Ingrams goes on to say a€?a€¦if tissue levels of any of these minerals become too low, sudden death or stroke can occura€?. There are in fact many natural diuretics found in nature such as watermelon, parsley, and chlorophyll found in dark green vegetables.

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