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Low-carbohydrate diet (also known as Low-carb) is dietary program which restricts carbohydrate consumption. Beautiful and sparkling Victoria’s Secret Angels also follow Low-carb diet along with exercises to have perfect body.
The formula for this diet is “low-carb, high fat, high protein.” People who go on a low-carb diet have to cut out all foods that contain carbohydrates. As a food blogger there are times that you get really excited about writing a post because you know you’ve outdone yourself and come up with something awesome.  This is one of those times! After the dismal failure of the flax crackers earlier this week I  was down, but not out.  I knew that the low carb cracker recipe could work, but it needed some tweaking.
For a low carber who is sick of either going without, or scraping the toppings off onto your plate and tossing the crust every time your family wants to order pizza, this is a dream come true! I ate this tonight while everyone else ate the doughy, anemic looking white flour pizza and I thought they were the ones missing out!  It’s that good people!  I can’t wait for you to try it!  And report back!
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I’ve used ground oats for a lot of different things to replace flour so it would probably work. I think this crust recipe is going to be my new “go to” and will be the same one I use for the crackers from now on! I found 100% flax meal in the supermarket this morning (in Australia) and it was labelled as having 8% carbohydrate.
Also it was labelled as being laxative in large doses, so I was loath to try the pizza in the end, even though it looks and sounds great.
The trick is that fiber is technically a carbohydrate, but it’s indigestible so it passes through the gut without being absorbed.
This kind of diet is suitable for people who want to lose weight and control their weight easily.
The body stores the excess glucose, raising blood sugar level quickly and leading to increases in insulin levels and adipose tissue.
Besides, foods they can eat as much as they want are those that contain high protein and fat. People who go on a low-carb diet just have to follow the strict diet principles for the first two weeks.

I’m not a carb counter either but wanted to try this for the healthier option that it is. Low-carb diet is not only very effective and popular all over the world but also a treatment for obesity and diabetes. After that, they can bypass those rules one or two days a week of they feel hungry for foods containing carbohydrate. I just made your low-carb pancakes this morning and they were beyond easy — it was great not to have to fiddle with almond flour.
Wet your hands with water to help keep the dough from sticking to them and press onto greased cookie sheet about ⅓ inch thick in a circle.
Low-carb diets are considered to be the perfect dietary program and frequently becomes people’s diet for a lifetime because it not only helps them to lose weight and maintain their fitness but also good for their health.
You should get about a 10 inch crust out of it - if it's a lot smaller than that you are making it too thick.

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