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Longer lines in the cafeteria and shorter lunch periods mean many public school students get just 15 minutes to eat. Yeah, what that will be is what is known as a "detail" map, you get a tilable texture and using a textureCoordinate node you make it repeat alot by reducing the size.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Architecture firm Gensler worked with Hulu to design its new 90,000-square-foot space in Santa Monica. The waiting area is covered with hundreds of portraits of Hulu employees, or Hulugans, as they call themselves. They put the game rooms in different corners of the office so that people would walk around and interact with people outside their teams. And everyone has the same chairs and desks, which can be adjusted from a normal seated position to a full-on standing desk.
There’s also this larger conference room, which has served a number of purposes — some not related to work.
People can also hold meetings in this main common area, which can fit up to 450 people during all-hands events.
And in an effort to have employees make healthier food choices, they arranged the shelves so that the less nutritious snacks would be more difficult to reach. In a throwback to their startup days, they keep a few kegs of seasonal beer tapped in the kitchen. Yet researchers say when kids get less than 20 minutes for lunch, they eat less of everything on their tray. I think you need a better angle for it though, if you look at it in the material viewer's sphere you can see alot of detail on the lions face.
This way when you are far away you can see the normal model but if you get up close you can see the detail map which is usually cracks, little bumps etc . When they start work, each Hulugan takes a fun but professional picture, using any prop they think best shows off their personality.

The design team created four different game hubs in the office, each with their own personality. The design team brought in nearly 100 chairs for the Hulugans to try out, and they eventually chose these Herman Miller chairs as the winner. It’s a great place for Hulugans to hang out, eat lunch, or spend quality time together.
The workplace experience team did a lot of research before deciding what products to buy and where to place them.
These Simpsons characters were a gift from FOX years ago, but now they’re brought along as guests to any party Hulugans host or attend.
Like he said, by using a Texture Coordinate Node you are able to tile one of these a lot to give small details when close to the model. Once you highlighted the directory, type in the search bar "DETAIL" and it will display some of the pre-made one's. Even CEO Mike Hopkins embraced the fun atmosphere of the workplace when he joined the team in October 2013.
The operations team often has a professional ergonomist come in to make sure workers are seated in the correct position.
And a recent study suggests that this time crunch may be undermining good nutrition at school. Eric Rimm, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, and a group of colleagues observed about 1,000 students, grades 3 to 8, at lunch time in a low-income urban school district in Massachusetts. As they report in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the researchers saw these students eating 13 percent less of their main entree and 12 percent less of their vegetables. They drank 10 percent less milk, too, compared with students who had 25 minutes or more to eat. And, Rimm adds, giving kids enough time to eat is also important for building healthy eating habits. Yet in many public schools across America, the school lunch hour has shrunk to just 15 minutes.

In a poll conducted in 2013 by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health, 20 percent of parents of students from kindergarten through fifth grade told us that their child gets 15 minutes or less to eat. And even in schools that officially have longer lunch periods, the actual time kids get to spend at the table can be far shorter. One issue driving abbreviated lunch periods: the increased pressure to boost time in the classroom – and standardized test scores. As Julia Bauscher, then-president of the national School Nutrition Association, told us in 2013, the lunch period is often the first place administrators look for extra instruction time. And there's another factor that may be adding to longer lines and less table time: As we've reported, the number of school children receiving free meals under the National School Lunch program has increased in recent years, according to a report last year from the Government Accountability Office. When we spoke to her in 2013, Bauscher also cited this increased participation as one factor behind longer lunch lines.
She oversees nutrition services for Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky, where 70 percent of students participate in meals programs. Some Salt readers have told us in comments that longer lines may be behind another trend in the school cafeteria: fewer students are buying lunch. As we recently reported, the number of students who pay full price for school meals declined by 1.6 million, or about 5 percent, in recent years. After we posted that story on Facebook, many of our followers told us that long lines and short meal times were a significant factor in why their children were now brown-bagging it. Brenna Zesiger D'Ambrosio is a Chicago writer and mom with two children in the city's public elementary schools. She says in her kids' schools, many students opt out of buying school lunch due to time constraints.

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