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So, in order to fulfill my curry craving I decided to make this low carb red curry at home using low carb, sugar free & dairy free ingredients! Herb Preservation Tip: In the summer you can get herbs from your local farmers market and then freeze them with water in an ice cube tray or use a dehydrator to preserve them through dehydration. You want to steer very clear of ordering it when eating out at a restaurant though because it tends to be loaded with sugar.
I have a year round window herb garden and I make sure to add herbs to each of my dishes as much as possible. Place a soup pot on the burner and add in the red curry paste and coconut oil and saute those together for a couple minutes at the bottom of the pot.
But I’m afraid if I go to a restaurant, I will go crazy and eat all the pineapple rice.

I would have never thought it would be loaded with sugar, but hey, they tend to put sugar in everything now wouldn’t you agree? One of the ingredients in this dish is basil (i never hold back on adding herbs to my recipes). It’s traditional to use this in a curry dish but I also wanted to add it because of all the great benefits basil brings to us.
While the pot is coming to a boil cut up your chicken into 1 inch pieces and add them to the pot. It is also excellent is lettuce cups if you don’t feel up to making cauliflower rice.
After your chicken has sat in the pot for 5-10 minutes add in the remaining veggies: peppers, bamboo, and basil leaves.

Larb is a Thai dish that most Thai restaurants will have and is made with ground turkey or pork. Remain cooking on a medium boil for 5 minutes then bring to a simmer for 15-20 more minutes (the longer the better but it will still taste fine without if you’re in a hurry). Do you mind me asking which brand of fish sauce you use?Reply Stacey says22 March, 2013 at 6:25 amHi Rachel, I used Thai Kitchen Premium Fish Sauce.

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