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The credit for accumulation of abdominal fat goes to several factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, age and mainly, lifestyle patterns.
It’s no hidden fact that refined carbohydrates for example- rice, pasta, corn etc have a direct relation with unhealthy weight gain. Lean Protein- The essential amino acids hold the key to unlock lean muscle especially in the troublesome stomach area. Health Friendly Fats- Too much of saturated fat or Trans fat escalates your chances of developing undesirable and unsightly weight gain in the belly region. Dairy Products with Less Fat- These not only contain appropriate levels of protein but also balance the sugar levels in the blood. So, the next time you think of enjoying your hot cup of morning coffee, substitute the cream with skim milk. Inside you will learn 10 easy steps you can follow at home to help you keep the belly fat away. Read through to get an insight on tasty types of food that together with a regular workout regime will do a whole lot of good for your stomach! Not just for a better appearance, but more importantly for lesser risk of diabetes, heart disorders, etc inculcate healthy foods in your diet.

Dieticians recommend fresh fruits and vegetables as they contain higher levels of nutrients and water content as compared to dried or canned ones. Add olive oil to all the recipes and salads you eat.  Another useful piece of information for you- Switch from high calorie, fattening steak to grilled and yummy Salmon!  Keep it all within healthy limits so that you get the required amount of energy for daily activities and workout. Other vital nutrients that help deal with fat loss in the belly area include Vitamin D and calcium. Dinner time must culminate with lip smacking desserts but in the form of yogurt sans fat with icing of fresh, coloured fruits!
Plus, who doesn’t want a healthy body which includes a finely sculpted stomach devoid of harmful stacks of fat. Fruits as well as many vegetables contain several health benefitting minerals and antioxidants! Set a target for at least four to five servings of each and that too daily for thorough results especially grapefruits, asparagus, pumpkin, broccoli, celery, spinach, guava etc. Make good protein choices which are significantly lower in both Trans fat and saturated fat. Many medical practitioners recommend the consumption of only those food types that are rich in healthy fats.

Medical researches all across the world promote these tummy tucking sources such as red meat and whole milk. Whittle your midsection similar to the innumerable men and women who according to a recent study have received more of compliments than fat via this healthy form of food. Being packed with dietary fibre, regular intake of fruits creates a feeling of fullness that keeps the chances of over indulgence almost nil. So it’s time to trade your “trouble zone” flab caused by useless fat for a sexy, flat stomach. Another plus is that unnecessary and uncontrollable habit of snacking in between meals dissolves.

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