All the different parts of your body, from your toes to your head, have their own special functions. Your feet and legs have taken you places and carried the weight of your body. A renowned nuclear scientist has published a paper confirming that humans are being poisoned by traces of aluminium via chemtrails.
Watch 10 Minute Guided Meditation To Help Clear The Mind Full length online free streaming here.10 Minute Guided Meditation To Help Clear The Mind, Focus Thoughts And Relax. Watch 10 Minute Guided Meditation To Ease Anxiety Worry And Full length online free streaming here.Calm relaxing mediation 10 minute guided meditation video to help ease Anxiety, worry and the sense of urgency. Watch Guided Bodyscan Meditation Full length online free streaming here.A 10 minute guided bodyscan meditation, great for relaxing, for pain relief or to help you sleep. Watch 5 Min Guided Meditation Body Scan Full length online free streaming here.This is a five minute guided meditation body scan.
Gain greater health and wellbeing, heal relationships, magnetize love, attract prosperity, become successful, and enjoy greater happiness. Learn and read powerful affirmations whenever you need to heal, cleanse, and lift your thoughts, emotions, and atmosphere. This 45-minute spiritual healing program can help you cleanse and heal your energy field, maintain clarity in your energy field, and enjoy the healing power and presence of God. In a world of chaos, uncertainty, and malaise, we can no longer depend on the institutions we counted on to offer safety and hope. Since your thoughts, words, and deeds determine your destiny, when you change your beliefs, you change your life.
On this teleconference you will learn a few simple, easy-to-use affirmations for healing yourself, others, and the planet as a whole. Prayer of Protection: Experience the loving, joyous, comforting, powerful, radiant presence of the divine.
Pillar of Light Visualization: Build a powerful, beauteous, impregnable, protective, luminous light around your energy field. Golden Substance Healing: Heal your energy field and fill it with divine consciousness and celestial light. Astral-Entity and Demon Healing: Heal ghosts, astral entities, hauntings, and dense vibrations in the atmosphere. Environmental Cleansing Heal atmospheres, environments, buildings, places, and energy fields.
Increasing Light in Your Energy Field Build an invincible aura that parasites cannot penetrate.
Healing Auric Anomalies Release implants deposited into your field by psychic manipulators.
Healing Psychic Vampirism Overcome energy-sucking parasites, both in human form and astral form. Reversing Black Magic Heal dark energies, spells, curses, totems, talismans, and black magic.
Shielding from Lower Energies Maintain self-authority and inner strength, despite external influences. Closing Your Aura Before Sleep Strengthen your energy field and prevent psychic attack during sleep.
Thought-Form Healing Affirmation: Heal negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Past Experience Healing: Heal past experiences, false responsibility, guilt, blame, and resentment. Forgiveness Prayer: Forgive past relationships, let go of resentment, and forgive yourself. Facade Body Healing: Dissolve false armors, thought-structures, thought-patterns, and masks. Healing Astral Shells: Perform psychic surgery on deeply encrusted, severely entrenched habits encased in multiple layers. An Introduction to Scientific Prayer and Spiritual Healing.[ You are the master of your destiny, and you can fulfill your dreams and goals. This 35-minute guided meditation will help you quiet your mind and open your heart so you can hear your inner voice and receive divine messages, healing, wisdom, and inspiration from within yourself. Albert Marsh from Los Angeles reports, "One time I healed a poltergeist, and it was absolutely no big deal. Jennifer Long, a dietician from Iowa, said, after using this prayer for a few months: "I feel less controlled by other people. Kate O'Hara, a producer from Chicago describes, "Divine Revelation is helping me to look at fear, and to learn to protect myself from it.
Grace Suzuki, a college student who has been using these prayers of protection, states: "One thing I've experienced is a feeling of invincibility.
5.0 out of 5 stars Getting Release From The Past and Forming a New Future January 10, 2013? Learn about the science and benefits of meditation, discover how to meditate, and enhance your practice with our guided meditations to connect your body and mind. Find peace and empowerment in this guided meditation from Sonima and Elena Brower using mantra and affirmation to expand consciousness and increase joy. In this guided meditation from Sonima, find balance and light through breath awareness that will uplift your practice of parenting. Janet Stone, who will lead our upcoming Yoga for Moms online course, suggests this 10-minute meditation to help you focus on everything you DO have.
If you can’t set aside dedicated time to meditate, this practice from Sonima will help guide you to higher awareness wherever you are.
Yoga nidra, also known as “yogic sleep” is also a wonderful alternative to sleeping pills for anyone suffering from stress-induced insomnia.
Tiffany Cruikshank shares a meditation to help you become more conscious of the patterns in your mind so you can begin to rewire the soundtrack and guide yourself to a healthier mind and body. Come to stillness and ease through this simple meditation from Sonima that helps cast away the excess and delusion of human identity. Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat shares a meditation using sitali pranayama to help let go of the daily stresses of life. Find nourishment in this powerful meditation to unlock the rigidity involved in unhealthy patterns and return to more exalted and essential states.
With this practice that helps dissolve the urge to react, you can use frustrations and irritations as learning devices that point you in the right direction. Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat guides us through a sweet and powerful mantra meditation to let go of heavy emotions, get out of our headspace, and find self-love. Because you can feel better in 5 minutes or less using amazing affirmation methods that have proven effective for millions of people for the past 150 years. You can heal and protect yourself through the power of the spoken word, when used with intention. With increasing worry and a sickening fear of the future, can we reverse the downward spiral of turmoil and frustration?

By filling your mind with statements of truth and thereby replacing the random, often negative or destructive thoughts that have occupied your mind, you can take control of your life and change your destiny. Through the powerful method of Scientific Prayer, you can heal, lift, and transform yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers. Start the flow of inner divine guidance and discover your true purpose, divine destiny, mission, and pathway.
Dan Ecklund, a physician from Guatemala, says: "We learned a nine-part system of prayer, based on the Lord’s prayer, the Prayer of Jabez, and the Scientific Prayer of Ernest Holmes and other New Thought leaders. A family moved into a house and soon after, weird things started to happen, and the family was very fearful. Also, that there can be no fear when love is present." A chiropractor from Denver, Sarah Worthley, writes, "I cleared the negative energy that says I can't be clear about divine revelation. When we know the healing prayers, we know that we are protected by the light of our own being, then there's no reason to fear, no matter where we go, no matter who we happen to be with. He is one of the most outstanding teachers I have ever met, who introduced me to the fabulous world of meditation and a breathtaking discovery of my inner self.
That’s why finding the right intention will help you stay focused on your goal of keeping a consistent meditation practice. Susan Shumsky will present proven, practical methods of spiritual healing that you can use right now to clear and cleanse your energy field and to heal your mind, body, and emotions. Susan Shumsky, highly-acclaimed, award-winning author of Divine Revelation, published by Simon & Schuster, will guide you into powerful affirmative spiritual healing prayers. A "healing affirmation" is a statement of truth that, when repeated, begins to change your mind. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him." In this verse, Buddha illustrates how you are the sole creator of your destiny through thoughts, words, and deeds. This field-proven method has created miracles in the lives of millions of people for 150 years. We learned special prayers for, and directly experienced, cutting psychic ties, clearing astral entities, clearing thought forms, and clearing facade bodies in our energy field.
I believe they help to remove any obstacles and put me in the right connection to God." Linda Vernon, a trucker from Brandon, Florida, writes, "Susan did a healing prayer for me to release psychic ties that had literally been pushing me down as a weighted yoke across my upper back.
He taught me the importance of making time to know my finer qualities,as this is an essential pre-requisite to awakening.What is really uplifting about his courses is that they are full of FUN!
In this powerful, life-enhancing narrated PowerPoint Slide Show and workshop, taped live at the "Sail into Spirit Cruise," Dr.
Decide which healing prayers are needed in your situation, to heal yourself or to heal others.
By using simple prayers and affirmations, you can experience immediate healing, comfort, and solace. It was very validating and encouraging to actually experience these impediments falling away, and then feel the assurance of the prayers actually creating, actually changing reality!" Dorrie Rosen, a landscape architect from New York City, describes her experience: "I've had a lot of problems my whole life being negatively psychic, picking up things that were very negative, and it has affected my life in a negative way. After her healing I was able to sit up straight without pain, which hadn't happened in a very long time.
Maresca HALL OF FAME TOP 1000 REVIEWER: "Instant Healing - Gain Inner Strength, Empower Yourself, and Create Your Destiny by Susan Shumsky, DD provides practical strategies to resolve undue attachments, co-dependencies, blockages and negative vibrations. Behram has an infectious laugh and with his hilarious jokes and stories, has his students rolling on the floor with laughter.
Susan Shumsky will teach methods that you can use right now to heal your mind, body, and emotions, and change your life in an instant. Susan Shumsky will present a few proven methods of spiritual healing that you can use right now to heal your mind, body, and emotions. Then listen to the appropriate healing prayers while, at the same time, speaking the prayers audibly, in a clear, convincing voice. I'm on a healing path now, since I've begun using certain prayers that I learned from Susan to protect myself from harm in a psychic way, to protect my essence from psychic attack. I found out the weirdness had stopped suddenly and the family was happy and at peace again.
The heaviness was completely gone." Travis Wyly, a chiropractor from England, Arkansas, reports, "I have found the healing prayers for cutting psychic ties to be especially useful. The author seeks to uplift readers so that they can improve relationships, attract prosperity to themselves and achieve success. Like little children, we demand and listen to his bedtime stories with rapt attention, which illustrate the teachings for the day.Behram has a very positive and empowering outlook on life, which rubs off on his students, lighting the spark of commitment in their hearts to live more enriching and inspiring lives. Transform your state of mind, or the surrounding mental atmosphere, with 243 unique formulas that are simple and effective, and require no background, skill, or training.
Use this mp3 program in the car and feel fantastic by the time to arrive at your destination! Instant Healing provides 243 healing affirmations and prayers, along with instructions on how to use them. By healing negative thoughts, conditions, beliefs, patterns, and habits, you can keep your mind free and clear and lead a more productive, happy, prosperous life. During this video, you will learn the principles and practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment--a field-proven way to achieve your goals. He encourages all his students to view all life-situations as a blessing because only then can we see the extraordinary in the ordinary. This method has been used in Unity Prayer Tower, Unity Church, Centers for Spiritual Living, Religious Science, Science of Mind, Divine Science, etc., since the 1800s. Its contemporary advocates include Ralph Waldo Emerson, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, Louise Hay, and Wayne Dyer. By discovering my divine plan in Susan Shumsky's workshop at Unity Church, I had a revelation that changed my career path. Petit High School for GirlsMumbai, India Behram came into my life in early 1995, as a spiritual guide and mentor.
With this profound technique, you will heal blockages that prevent you from fulfilling desires.
I highly recommend this prayer to anyone seeking a better understanding of his or her true nature." Divine Revelation student Michelle Chua, an operations manager from Portland, says, "I know that I am in control right now instead of allowing others' advice to control and influence my state of being.
Through these simple methods, you can discover how the power of your spoken word, with intention, produces miraculous, instant results. The field-proven, non-denominational, universal methods of spiritual healing in this book have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide.
No one is to blame for your problems or is responsible for your successes, because you have created everything by what you think, say, and do. Now you can pray for yourself and others through the powerful practice of Scientific Prayer. This new direction is like a ray of sunshine for my life." Jacob Unger, from Point Roberts, Washington says, "I have been using the methods of spiritual healing and am surprised at the result.
These thoughts include tolerance, acceptance, patience, modesty, humility, inner strength, comfort, inner strength, kindness, reverence and honor.

In this vein, you can use healing affirmations and prayers to transform your mind from negativity to positivity. My friends seem to relate to me on a more clear level, honoring my integrity and quality of being.
It either produces an instant result, or else it creates an instant healing that moves you towards your desired goal. All is well." Janet Rittington of Louisville, KY, states, "I felt impeded by energetic influences and drains. I happened to mention this to Ann Meyer, who originated our teaching along with her husband Peter.
In place of these many negations, the author provides positive correlates like happiness, joy, love, self-worth, abundance, confidence, goodwill, altruism and many others.
Although I was an Architecture student at the time I met Behram, I felt that life was pointing me elsewhere and, therefore, through the classes, I acquired enough clarity and courage to let go of this vocation, and follow my true calling, instead.This led me to explore various courses on mind-body enhancement, such as NLP, Kinesiology and Yoga, as a way of living more authentically. I am now a Yoga teacher and am able to express myself in ways that bring tremendous satisfaction and joy in my life, as I see my students benefit from what I offer.Looking back upon the time before these changes occurred in my life, I see how beautifully and gently, Behram led me out of the dark prison of a suffocating lifestyle, into the brilliance of living life to the fullest, in dedicated service to others. In this enlightening article, you can learn how affirmative prayer can change your life towards positive, powerful results. She said the simple Astral Entity Healing Prayer, and after a last outburst of tears, he apparently was sent into the light.
Shumsky's workshop at the Energy Medicine conference in Boulder, I have undergone a major shift in how I see myself and my relationships. However, life had other plans for me as I ended up at the Nembutsu Centre, instead, situated in a lovely apple orchard on the outskirts of town. Until that fateful day when I met Behram, I thought I knew all about life and how it is to be lived.
As my practice unfolded, I found out that I was way off the track in my understanding of life and realized that things were totally contrary to what I had so far envisioned them to be.I also discovered that spirituality was no longer beyond my reach and that it lies within the simplest aspects of living. I feel that if someone is trying to control me, I now have a way that I can be detached from that." Lorene Spencer, a cancer patient from Lansing, Michigan writes, "I am learning how to finally love myself, heal myself, and overcome this loneliness. I listened to one introductory talk and was instantly intrigued and before long deeply inspired. I discovered that the feeling of being punched in the navel was a signal that I needed to use the Astral Healing Prayer. Eventually the signal lessened for me so that now when it does happen it is no longer an incapacitating experience." One woman from New York City whom I will call Natasha had lived under Stalin's regime in Russia. I found out later that the other students too experience the same relevance and intimacy with the way he presents the teachings.I stayed on at the Centre for three months because I knew there was much more to be discovered about myself and the world I lived in.
She grew up in a house with other families that would report their neighbors' activities to the police. I would definitely have stayed on much longer, but the centre was closing for winter and I had to move on, to practice what I had joyfully learned in those magical three months at NC, which was situated in the midst of the beautiful and fascinating Himalayan ranges.It is clear to me that Behram understands the subtle intricacies of life as I observe his behavior through his speech and his actions, which is a rare thing indeed. And even more stirring than this, for me, is that Behram is able to express the teachings of the Buddha in such a profoundly simple manner, that I not only grasp the message intellectually, but also feel deeply motivated to apply what I learn in practical terms, in my everyday actions.I have had teachers and coaches at school and in sport, but I did not have one to guide me through the snakes and ladders of life.
From the time we first met, I have attended several retreats under his loving and skilled guidance, the longest being for three months in the lap of the Himalayas, in North India. During a private session with Natasha, I discovered that this feeling was her astral entity healing signal. So far, every experience I have had of Behram's teachings has been imbued with a beautiful simplicity and a profound depth. Behram's remarkable clarity and presence brings a fresh and exhilarating perspective to the issues in my life - a perspective that is so pure and integrated, that its truth is self evident. Just coming into contact with this has brought me an enormous sense of relief, hope and enthusiasm for life.The energy in his classes, while on retreats, is very inspiring and greater than in any other learning environment I have ever been in. The classes are enormous fun, and somehow within the lightness and laughter there is a gentle power, which nurtures me as a student to be intimately involved in the process of true learning, which is not just a matter of simply acquiring information. A lot of obstacles were removed." From Portland, Oregon, Jason Reynolds, a consumer advocate writes, " I am a long-time meditator.
It is only through Behram's classes and the creative exercises he introduced me to, that I was able to view life from a whole-brain perspective.
As such, I chose to listen to my heart and resigned from my career after many years of service, in order to pursue what gave me far more satisfaction. Therefore, my present career ~ which I love immensely ~ is as a school teacher on the beautiful island of Samsoe, in Denmark.Dear Behram, I thank you and myself for the great effort we both made, to lift me out of my mediocre frequencies into inspirational ones. And inevitably, the void inside me grew larger each day, because the end of craving is not achieved by feeding the illness.Meeting Behram in 2002 was the turning point in my life. Thanks to Behram's retreats and interactive style of teaching, I was led ever so skilfully to discover some surprisingly extraordinary answers within myself.
I have studied Buddhism at Kopan Monastery in Nepal, I have left my corporate employer of 19 years and I am now discovering what really makes my heart sing. Trust in yourself, open this door to a spectacular discovery of what is finest in you by attending Master B's classes. Having graduated from university with two degrees and established a successful career, I still felt that something was missing. I had no knowledge whatsoever of the Buddha's teachings and my many attempts to meditate up to that point had been frustrating. Coming to a retreat with a beginner's mind was the best thing I did, as I arrived fresh and with no expectations and WOW!
He communicates complex ideas in simple and easy to understand terminology without any jargon. In this gifted manner in which he presents the teachings, there is not a single minute where his students feel bored or restless. I am now much happier, I love what I do, and I feel empowered to be true to myself and others more and more every day. I had not laughed or had that much fun in years and through this process,I gained a sense of peace, love and understanding that - even today - keeps me balanced and happy a lot more often than ever before. My relationships and my career fell into place, and today I feel fulfilled in a multitude of ways.So, my message to anyone considering going on a retreat? Five workshops, two retreats and a few years later, I am grateful for the guidance and wisdom Behram has bestowed upon me.He has challenged me, nurtured my development and encouraged me to live with greater enthusiasm and passion for life. The description of the seminar mentioned that the teacher had a wonderful sense of humor and next to this description was this picture of a guy with big loving eyes.
I thought to myself.The course I attended was inspirational and despite different backgrounds, cultures and religions, the truth and wisdom presented by Behram was universal.
After this first workshop, I then attended the retreat in Byron Bay, which brought another great wave of joy and inspiration.I have now been under Master B’s guidance for the last 6 years.

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