We already know Nintendo's (NTDOY) Wii crushes the X360 and PS3 month after month in sales. Furthermore, usage of the Wii by women over 35 is much higher than with the Xbox 360 and PS3. As for the other consoles, Nielsen found the PS3 to skew the oldest of the three platforms, possibly because of consumer brand loyalty and since Sony dominated the market with the PS One in 1994 and PS2 in 2000.

Wii Fit, Guitar Hero and Rock Band were cited as products that have been particularly enticing for older females. Among males, the largest percentage of usage was found in the 12-17 age group, older than Wii, but younger than PS3. While the Wii has certainly brought in a new audience, the more traditional 18-24 age group (often looked at as the hardcore gamer demographic) has engaged in much less Wii usage a€“ for both genders in this age range.

For both males and females, the highest usage came from the 18-24 age group," Nielsen noted.

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