Microsoft has made many claims about the Surface Book’s performance, but it has been elusive about the details of its GPU.
While Microsoft has a program that prevents external software from being installed on any of their display units, some clever users have managed to circumvent it and install TechPowerUp’s GPU-Z on the Surface Book. While GPU-Z wasn’t able to detect the model of the dedicated GPU, it was able to reveal a lot of information about its specifications. It’s currently unknown if this is the highest end dedicated GPU Microsoft has to offer.

But now that the Surface Book is now officially on display at Microsoft Stores, many passionate users have been tinkering with the display models to find out what exactly its GPU is.
GPU-Z detects and lists the model number and the specifications of the graphics adapter on the host machine. Redditor humanoiddoc had a side-by-side comparison between the Nvidia GT940m from a Lenovo machine and the GPU in the Surface Book to emphasize the similarities.
Since the GPU is integrated into the keyboard base instead of the tablet itself, I’d have expected it to be a little bit more powerful since there should be more room for the cooling solution.

On the other hand, Microsoft may also have opted for a smaller cooler in favor of a larger battery.

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