Meanwhile we find out that Liz recently had a breakdown and left her job to go to a hospital, and she’s just now returning to work.
Brooke, Van Dyke as [Ormonde - the Book Publisher] Costello, Maurice (I) as [Leslie Charlton] Dunn, William R. Are you watch the Other Episode?, Click here~,You will be choose the other episode list below.
After realizing that his wife has been cheating on him, mild-mannered stamp maker Tae-han leaves his small seaside town of Naksan determined to track down his wife's lover, a taxicab driver from Seoul named Joong-sik. Surprise!” She shows the husband Gabe (Dylan Neal) a photo of her mother, who she says recently died, and he tells his wife Liz, in so many words, that he banged her before they met.
Well, smiling at her creepily and asking if she’s friends with his parents, which I guess he considers flirting. When a mysterious teenage girl shows up on their doorstep claiming to be her husband’s long lost daughter, Liz Michaels welcomes her into their home – but when Liz starts to feel pushed out of her own family, she begins to question the girl’s true motives and doubt her own sanity.

One day he learns that his wife is having an affair and he decides to witness his wife's infidelity with his own eyes. During one of the most intense heat waves on record, he travels to the city, where he successfully finds his target and hires him for a long-distance cab ride back to Naksan. Except this time it didn’t really feel very nightmarish until the very end of the movie. Liz is played by Jennifer Beals, who unfortunately doesn’t do any dancing, flash or otherwise, in this movie. And also the eagerness with which he wiped her boobs off after she spilled something on her shirt.
Knowing that his wife's lover Joong-sik is a taxi-driver, he goes to Seoul, intentionally gets in Joong-sik's cab and asks for a long-distance drive. As they drive down the highway, Tae-han refrains from revealing his secret to his new rival, and an unlikely bond develops between the two men.

They encounter various situations as they travel along the highway, sometimes fighting, sometimes sharing excitement. When they are faced with a series of unexpected detours along the way, Tae-han finds ample time to reassess his devious plans as the similarities and differences between the two men begin to surface.
She brings this up to Gabe, and he simply cannot believe she would imply he’s attracted to his maybe-daughter. Just like Caitlin can’t believe Liz would accuse her of deleting an important presentation from her computer. Are Gabe and Caitlin already in a relationship, and did they make up this story as part of an elaborate and very idiotic plan to get Liz out of the picture?

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