God asked the devout: Did you know about Me or did you acquire My authority and stop Me from forgiving  the sinful?
Having a lot of knowledge and experience can do that to us when we fail to recognise the blessings we have been given are due to Allah's mercy upon us.
When we feel like we're on the right path (by wearing hijab, reading Qur'an everyday etc.) it's easy to slip into the holier-than-thou trap. And the hadith is telling us that we don't have the right to hate someone so much to tell them they're going to Hell. Sometimes in a passing remark, blog post or tweet, someone says such-and-such is a bad Muslim because they saw them doing this or that. There are two key issues here: akhlaq (personal character or conduct) and self-righteousness. We should be thankful to God for every blessing (ni'ma or nikmat) - our possessions, knowledge, skills and abilities - because if He didn't will for you to have them none of it would be possible. Shaytan failed to deceive us in other ways so he plants the seeds of pride and arrogance into our hearts to make us seek knowledge and carry out good deeds not for the sake of Allah (swt) but for self-gratification and self-glorification.

It made me realise that when you love or hate for the sake of God you can never love or hate too much.
Yes, it's written in the Qur'an and hadiths that certain types of people will be punished in Hellfire but we don't have the authority to specify individuals. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Qur'an were sent as part of a divine message of hope and empowerment. The sinful was forgiven by the Mercy of God but it is not necessary that every sinful person be treated in the same way. What an awesome video, I see that you have the potential to become Malaysia's own Yasmin Mogahed or Oprah Winfrey, insya-Allah. As a weak human being I've done it too even  though I know negative comments like that, as opposed to constructive criticism, actually reveal more about the person who is projecting negativity than the subject of negativity.
This applies to all of us because we are all prone to having bad character and being harsh in our opinion of others because we think we are better for some reason. Everyone has the potential to turn their lives around and become better than you and I combined.

What makes us think we have the right to break people's spirits and remove hope from their hearts?
MA candidate in Media Studies focusing on social media, social movements, #Israel and #Palestine. Happy people naturally spread happiness and want to help others when they see someone struggling.
The speaker kept on harping about how a daie should be particular on their appearances (in other words, by wearing the tudung labuh and all)so that it will reflect on their piousness or something and thus, people will be more attracted to Islam.
When we pass a judgement without knowing the person or understanding the context of their situation, what does it say about us? We love the people of justice and trustworthiness, and we hate the people of injustice and treachery.

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