During the last 15 years, Mantra Tattoo & Body Piercing has been delivering 100% authentic tattoos to our customers. When you get tattooed your tattoo becomes a part of your body, that means you are going to take it everywhere with you. Come visit us at our Denver Tattoo Studio to get your custom tattoo designed by one of our experienced tattoo artists in Denver, all of them do custom work and will create the design from the ideas you give them until your perfect tattoo design is ready to be inked.

We specialize in custom tattoos, no matter the size, the colors, the shapes or the style, our professional tattoo artists in Denver are obsessed with quality and will deliver the coolest custom tattoo in Denver.
Having that in mind, it is much better that you get a tattoo that no one else in the planet has, so you know you have something that is unique! On the other hand, if you get a custom tattoo from one of our tattoo specialists, you can design it however you want.

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