My approach is to guide you from a place of calm and clarity, aligned with the highest good of the source of who you are.
Read client stories describing their experiences during and the outcomes after their sessions. I invite you to explore my services to heal, nourish, and expand your mind, body, and spirit. No matter where you are on your Spiritual journey, learn to evolve your innate gifts of healing, empathy, manifestation, clairvoyance through the power of your heart. Reiki Certification Courses  Learn to connect to energy that heals and balances the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Angel Light Certification Course  Connect with the Angels for gentle, supportive and practical Divine Guidance. Meditation + Channelling Group  Learn to connect with your breath, clear and relax your mind and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.
For example, a simple energy grounding exercise to help us all be more present.  Now THAT is practical. We studied aspects of ourselves taken from knowledge within the Akashic Records which make up something called our 5 pillars.

If any of these make you cringe or want to look away…then they may just be one of your weaker or more eroded energetic pillars. Many people have to assume authority before they have had a chance to learn life lessons which would help them in the role. While I’m busy rushing ahead, I may be missing the nuggets of wisdom being offered to me along the way. I am learning to extend more compassion to those who have to wear the mantel of authority and understand that many people are put in the position of assuming authority before they are ready for it. We can focus specifically on your 5 pillars using these Readings to gain clarity about your strengths and how to clear and renew any unhelpful energy patterns. Feel free to join the Energetics Updates list, receive free energetic resources, spiritually healthy giveaways and regular updates from my online practice.
Why an Akashic Records Reading honors the past and helps our future – with a little help from Hobby Lobby!
It is my pleasure to create a space for individuals to advance their spiritual and emotional life, and live from the place of love, truth, and freedom. Her compassion, spiritual gifts, and her dedication to supporting her clients is truly amazing.

I have attended three of her courses and plan on completing my training with her in the very near future. Bi-monthly ENERGETICS UPDATES – emails from my Online Practice and spiritually healthy giveaways. Vivian has worked with me by phone, and in her office in Toronto -- and I've always been touched and moved by the work we do together.
Very much has transpired in my life since then, an activation of latent power inside of me has taken place. I know now that the only person I can change is myself, and that it’s now “me time” and to focus on my happiness, health and self-esteem.

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