Although the practice is thousands of years old, it has just been introduced into the Modern Mys­tery Schools’ lexicon.
Communicating with angels is as simple as opening the mind and heart to receive their messages. When communicating with angels, try to relax in a comfortable position and take deep cleansing breaths. Automatic Writing – once the body feels relaxed and the mind stilled, write down the question or situation that needs answering. Visualization, Affirmation and Prayer– see what is desired in your mind and focus on it intently. Remember that due to the laws of free will, the angels cannot interfere in your life without your specific request.
I ask the angels to help me in almost everything I do from finding parking spots to watching over my home, for inspiration, answers to difficult problems, calming energy, making the right choices, confirming that I am on the right path, etc.

Jade has been long used for lasting love and partnership and is excellent for helping find your soul mate. What to Expect from a Reiki Treatment Session Reiki session generally takes about 60 -90 minutes. Some people like to quietly meditate for a few minutes to empty the mind of everyday thoughts. Then simply start formulating the question that needs answering, or the situation that requires guidance. Since the angels know you, it can be a statement as simple as, “you know my heart, please tell me what I need to know”. You may only see doodles at first, but, if you keep at it, you will soon get the information you need.
The reason for this is that it allows my mind to settle without over thinking or being disrupted by my ego and makes it easier to just let the thoughts flow.

It is helpful to have regular automatic writing sessions with the angels, a designated time each day for automatic writing.
That puts the angels on notice and yourself in the proper mindset with intent to get right down to business and start communicating.
When I read what I wrote, I couldn’t believe I was actually getting real guidance and answers).

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