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Meditation not only helps in experiencing the richness of life but also helps witness the real us and connect to our self better. Music and meditation can happen anywhere and anytime, in your room, at the airport, in a car or next to a serene lake. The Art of Living Foundation maintains that the stage is only temporary and it is helping clear up the area.
Recently an expert committee appointed by the NGT had said that the festival which is hoping to attract 35 lakh people will cause irreversible damage and the cost for fixing it could be over Rs 100 crore.
The NGT is expected to conclude hearing the case on Monday just days before PM Modi is to inaugurate the festival on the Feb 11. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Read moreExcellence at WorkplaceThis offers Micro, Small, Medium and Enterprises, techniques to eliminate stress & achieve work life balance of its employees. When both the shores of sound and silence, music and meditation are inculcated in life, then perfection dawns!

The times when you are waiting for a flight or have breaks between meetings - just fill those moments with a few minutes of meditation and feel creative in singing to yourself because singing freely is an expression of absolute joy! Read MoreWisdom QuotesShort quotes to brighten your day - Sometimes all it takes are a few words to change your life.
My body swayed along the gentle breeze which also seemed to be dancing to the tune that Vikram played that evening. The journey from the head to the heart brings harmony, connectedness and a sense of belongingness which is what life is all about,” shares Bhanumathi Narasimhan (musician and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation teacher) while casually rocking on a chair and humming her favorite tune. In life, things such as stress, misunderstandings in relationships, and ill health bring disharmony and make our life gloomy. It is like creativity just takes over”- Sahil Jagtiani, musician and teacher, YES programs for teens and young adults.
We start experiencing the unlimitedness of our capacity, capacity to both appreciate and create music. We are in the process of ascertaining where things have gone wrong," the lawyer for DDA informed the National Green Tribunal which is currently hearing three cases filed by environmentalists and local farmers against the project coming up along the highly polluted river.Thousands of artists from across the country and world are expected to descend here next week to take part in the world culture festival being organised by the Art of Living Foundation in India. In just a few moments, my body became still, my mind became still as if his music and I were no longer separate. When we meditate, we are able to tune our life the way we want to and our life becomes harmonious like rhythms in music.
The more I meditate, the more I understand the depth of music,” says Namita Malik, after a rocking satsang in the heart of the city Ahmedabad.
A host of VIPs including Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose government recently conferred the Padma Vibhushan to the foundation's guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be among the chief guests along with President Pranab Mukherjee. Today, this humanitarian, spiritual leader inspires one of the world's largest volunteer-run NGOs.

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