A  The setting ofA qualify=yesA is technically not needed, but it allows you to monitor the health of the internet connection in Asterisk. In this scenario, MX100G is connected to Asterisk server, and given the AA number on Asterisk server is 8888.
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If you use more channels than you have purchased, the network will signal congestion properly, allowing other failover trunks to be engaged if you have configured them in your route.A In this example we are assuming that one of our DIDs (account phone numbers in SIPStation) isA 212-555-1234.

The original dialed number is passed down from the route, where some manipulation may have already occurred. A Remember, your SIPStation trunks require you to send either 10- or 11-digit numbers when you call someone.
If you want to enable users to use 7-digit dialing, you will need to create a dial pattern that prepends an area code to 7-digit numbers. If it was not the first route you created, you will manually need to move it to the top of the list.

This will create a catch-all route that will match if a call comes in and a specific DID route for that call cannot be found.

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