Now that I have to study a lot of terminology for interpreting assignments, even though people still find it crazy, I am more and more in love with my method and find it extremely helpful. What type of memory do you have: visual, auditory or kinesthetic? Would you like to share your tricks to memorise things?
Passionate freelance translator and interpreter for Italian, Spanish, English and German, currently living in Alicante and Valencia (Spain). Enter your e-mail address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. Actually, about 40 percent of the population is more sensitive to sight (visual), 30 to 40 percent reacts more to feeling (kinesthetic), and 20 to 30 percent is more receptive to sound (auditory).
This is a pity, since many may have struggled a lot memorising things in a way that is not effective for them.

Movement helped me concentrating when I was tired so I could go running and studying at the same time. Again, I think it really depends on the person and that each one should first understand what kind of memory they have and then find the most effective method to memorise things.
In fact, by knowing the kind of memory you have, you could indeed make a better use of it. This applies to everyone, from students to CEOs of big enterprises, since we all have to deal with memory. Before going to sleep (a key moment for memorisation), I could revise something important for the following day even inside the bed with closed eyes. When I travel, I do not have to carry with me anything heavier than my phone to go through the content again. Instead of reading my notes over and over again (which was very tyring and boring for me), I started recording myself while spontaneously making an organised speech out of those notes.

Of course, I don’t know it all (far from that!), but I trust a lot that inner voice inside my head. When it was about learning some new vocabulary, instead, I simply recorded myself saying the word and its translation.

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