Legislation to repeal the scheme is set for debate in the Senate this week but the bills are headed for defeat at the hands of the Opposition and the Greens. Environment Minister Greg Hunt has also called on the Senate to respect the Government’s mandate and pass the bills before Parliament rises for the Christmas break on December 12. The Government is also not backing away from its threat to call a double-dissolution election if the repeal legislation is blocked.
Senate committees looking into the repeal of the carbon and mining taxes are also expected to report back today. A complete about face in policy isn’t a huge surprise straight after an election, it sought of goes with the the furniture. However, promises to one side, Australia’s new Government has just announced it will scrap the previous – Labor – governments plan for school funding reform, and will instead renegotiate individual agreements with all states and territories within the next 12 months.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne says Labor’s arrangements will stay in place for the coming year and will then be overhauled. UPDATED! A co-author of the Gonski report has labelled the new Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, “a minister on L-plates” amid confusion over school funding. Mr Pyne has not yet announced a new funding model for schools after scrapping the Gonski plan that was introduced under the previous Labor government. Australia’s Federal Government has very quietly backflipped it’s position on the construction of Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. Under the previous – Labor Government – Australia condemned the settlements, but since the Coalition won office Australia has abstained from United Nations votes on the issue, returning Australia to the Howard-era policy of not supporting votes critical of Israel settlements. In a statement released today, the Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed the policy shift, saying it reflects the Government’s concern that Middle East resolutions should be balanced.
Except in this case, apparently, both sides of Australian politics were in FULL agreement prior to the last election?

Acting on instruction from Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Australian government officials at the United Nations have withdrawn their nations support for an order that would have seen a halt to the expansion of any Israeli settlements in all of the occupied territories. The current tight-lipped approach to implementation has seen NO information released on the governments change in Middle East policy.
The statement says the Government considers each resolution on a case-by-case basis and will not support those which are one-sided or pre-judge the outcome of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian territories. Australian stony deserts include the Gibson Desert in Western Australia and The Sturt Stony Desert spanning parts of Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales.

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