Most of us get confused within the thin line of demarcation that separates friendship from a romantic relationship. When you start flirting a bit with your love interest, you are actually turning on the romance within you. If you wish to receive a notification each time a new post appears on High T3ch, feel free to subscribe. Facing the fact that the guy you really, really like, or even love, in you only sees the potential study buddy or (just) a person he can talk to when in need of a companion is not that pleasant.
Escape the friend zone: Be a Girl, Not Just a Friend If social networks have taught me anything for all these years I've been actively using them it must be that boys tend to suffer from that syndrome called ‘The Friend Zone'. Given a postfeminist society which encourages hypergamy at every possible opportunity, even if your goal is to find a woman with whom to start a family and establish your name, then you will still need to know how to close fast—or risk losing the girl forever. On the other hand, if you have the right mindsets and techniques to consistently close the women you bring home, then a whole world of sexual possibility will open up to you: one night stands, casual or serious relationships, and a sense of confidence and power that will carry you through your days on point and feeling great.
It’s the difference between spending three hours with a girl just for it all to go to waste, or spending those same hours and taking her as your newest lover. Fed a steady diet of misinformation from a young age, many young men grow up completely unable to understand women.
A Loser is someone who neither has the potential to provide for her, nor the potential to be a great lover. She will base her decision on which category to put you in, based on your behavioral cues like the walk you talk, walk, and carry yourself.
This is the real revelation for many of the men who have benefited from my teachings: that the woman will predictably and repeatedly show different sides of herself depending on her interpretation of what type of man she is dealing with.
Since she bases her decision on his behavioral cues, men can deliberately put themselves into specific categories in her MIND–which, again, determines which personality he sees. She will generally show her Prude side to a Loser, her Hypocrite side to a Provider, and her Free Lover side to a Lover. Even if you wish to eventually be her Provider, you will still need to know how to initially engage in Lover behavior in order to sleep with her and build the bond necessary to take the relationship further. I named it Straight To Sex because, armed with the mindsets and techniques I will teach you, that is exactly what your seduction will look like. No extreme financial investment of any kind (that’s for the kind of guy who has to earn each and every scrap of her sexuality).
All it takes is getting your behavioral cues dialed down to trigger the proper emotions and behavior from her.

In your case, it is possible that you are losing out on your touch quotient because of the fear of losing out on your love interest.
Well, the moment you start giving out advices you have definitely created the friend zone pitfall for yourself. You need to stop being insecure to avoid being bracketed in this zone by your love interest.
According to my news feed, it seems to me that they suffer immensely, and that almost every other boy actually is a victim of heartless girls who are only kind enough to them to offer their friendship and want to have nothing more with them. When you think things are moving forward better than you have planned, a removable discontinuity blocks your bath. We have a tendency to attract the type of friends that reflect who we are and what we believe in.
If you are interested hiring a sponsored post for your site, product, or service, visit our advertising page. There is who she REALLY is, who she PRETENDS to be when she wants something, and who she PRETENDS to be when she wants nothing. Once she’s yours, you can develop the relationship in whichever direction you choose.
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What would I have ever done without you?” Well you are just trapped into the friend zone and the faster you escape from it the better for you.
Are you one of those who believe that romantic relationships arise out of great friendships?
This helps to analyze your situation to help you figure out if what you have is a budding friendship or the foundations for a great relationship are being laid. If it doesn’t come naturally, there are ways to make friends that you can take advantage of. Only after that will you be able to make your friend circles just the way you always wanted and share your hobbies with people who have the same or similar interests.
Well, good thoughts and well appreciated but, you need to wait for the right person in this case. Till now you were just friends but, when you flirt you are titillating the romance within her too. I personally love being single and I pray every single day that I do not stumble on some creature that will take my mind away again from my personal goals.

You can be sure afterwards that you will be glad you did as you will have more friends than ever before. But, remember it is better to take a chance than to die off knowing you were just a friend to that person. Your love interest will immediately bracket you in the friend zone and, there goes your chances of a happy relationship.
The sacrificial deity, who just cares to wipe off the tears from their eyes, you have just created trouble for yourself. If you really wish for the person to reciprocate your feelings, you need to follow a few steps and walk out of that friend zone first. So before you make a move and fall into the friend zone, try to understand what exactly does your love interest feel about romance?
Ask Beyonce In one of her songs from several years ago Beyonce is puzzled by the lack of emotions of the guy she wants, and then she says ‘When I make me so darn easy to love': it's got something to do with our topic here. What I am about to say to you sounded as cliche to me the first time I heard it as it is going to sound to you. But because we are always there for them and they know that they can rely on us (isn't that what friendship is all about?) and have no challenge to hang on to.
Yes, to a reasonable person, this sounds whacky at first, but then you think about it more and it makes more sense. That, if you want to, you can be interested in other guys, as well; and that you are willing to date other guys if they try hard enough and fight for your attention.
Making him see that he can lose you, or have to share your attention with another male specimen can spark up a bit of jealousy in his mind. Boys don't always like to share, especially if on some level they actually like us, but are not aware of it. He is already used to having her do whatever he likes, and he feels self-confident enough to not want to change much. But knowing that you have never even tried to fix things, or make them happen, is something a lot harder to bear.

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