July 11, 2015 by jstults 18 Comments I can tell you from personal experience throughout my life that being falsely accused of acting in an unloving manner just plain hurts. Yet there have been times in my life when I have been conscience-bound to speak truth into a tough situation even if I expected it might not be well-received. I do not refer to those voices who caution us to speak God’s truth gently or even intelligently (that message is needed, too!), but those who would ask us to quit speaking truth altogether.
Sometimes false accusations about our character or motives (not just the words we speak) dissuade us from truth-telling.
Sometimes we simply feel alone in our truth-telling, and so after a while, we simply give up. As a bond-servant of Christ, I am willing to cause offense, even at great personal cost, not because I despise others or believe I am so much better, far from it. In spite of my own imperfections, I am willing to take the risk of offending because I believe God’s Word enough to bear the wound of potential rejection. The wound is worth it because I know the power of both grace and truth in my own life for affecting change from the inside-out, and I want others to experience that same power, too, all for the glory of the Lord! Furthermore, I believe Jesus when He says in Matthew 5:11-12, “Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. My brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are bearing the brunt of a difficult stance, whether public or private, please realize that you are not alone. It’s another Screwtape reversal in which something that is based on a little bit of truth sounds right and good but is really twisted, insidious and destructive.
Because being a Christian is being a follower of Christ, and Jesus had no problem speaking truth in love, even to the point of death itself. By all means love one another, but in so doing, don’t become salt-less in a salt-needy world.
July 10, 2015 by jstults 12 Comments I come to you this week with a sad and weary heart, friends.
There is a sense of loss, of betrayal, of disappointment and devastation that I cannot adequately convey to you. And I share this with you not to stir up some former controversy or to rehash previously argued points. I share this story here because the closeness of this particular disappointment made me realize how lonely recent events might make one feel. Many of you are finding yourselves in a similar unexpected minority amongst your friends who also claim Christ. 6.) Each host will choose one link to feature and promote via their social media channels next week.
7.) By linking up you agree to allow the hosts to use your featured post image if you are chosen as a feature for next week. January 28, 2014 by stultsmamaof4 23 Comments We all know scripture memorization is important. Equally important, be sure that that your children or students understand the words in the verse.
If you happen to know sign language, the easiest gestures would be actual signs, especially for words or phrases that will be repeated often, like God, Jesus, or Bible. We usually repeat our memory verse a few times together before we get a little silly with it. Once we have played around with the memory verse a little bit, most children will have at least part of the verse, if not the whole, in their minds. And we always, always celebrate, even if we are only partially successful at saying the verse! Thus, in my humble opinion, the priority should be the conceptual learning taking place: truths about God making us, God loving us, loving others, etc.

Our preschool daughter loves to say her verses carefully along with hand gestures as if she is performing on stage. Filed Under: Christianity, Parenting, Women of Faith Tagged With: AWANA, Bible, children, Children's Church, homeschool, Homeschooling, kids, memory verse, mothers, parents, preschoolers, purposeful parenting, scripture memorization, Sunday School, teachers, toddlersAnswer the Door! September 1, 2013 by stultsmamaof4 20 Comments If you had the choice and neither time nor money were factors, which would you choose:  fine dining or fast food? In the same way, our heavenly Father does not wish to see us settle for a spiritual diet that lacks substance.
On the other hand,  when I take the time to really dine with the Lord, I feel so alive, don’t you? My goal for the week is to choose the feast consistently, to be steadfast in my pursuit of real spiritual food. But I also know the strength and endurance I need to be the wife and mother the Lord wants me to be cannot be gained from spiritual fast-food alone.
My brothers and sisters in Christ, let’s not be spiritual babes, content to feed on what is easy or convenient. I’ve somehow forgotten that most basic truth of Christianity, that we cannot produce fruit on our own, for there is nothing good in me. When I lift my fruit up to the Lamp, I see it – that bruise there when I chose to be selfish rather than selfless.
I have to toss the bad fruit out and start anew: reconnect to the Vine, drink the Living Water, break the Bread of Life. Only then, in the hands of the Master, can I produce beautiful and bountiful  fruit, sweet-smelling fruit. No matter how often I fail the fruit test, He is faithful to forgive, faithful to redeem.
May 28, 2013 by stultsmamaof4 21 Comments Have you ever put off saying (or posting) something because you feared the repercussions, how it might be received? So I hope that when you read it, you will consider my heart (even though some of you might hardly know me).  My heart beats for God’s people and for His truth, it yearns for us all to strive toward Christ-likeness not for the sake of personal pride or satisfaction with self, but for the sake of His glory, that His name and His Truth should be known around the world!  My heart aches for the lost, those who are searching for His Truth without even knowing it. Recent conversations on Facebook and other media outlets have opened my eyes to a developing trend in Christianity today.  Being a Bible-believing, truth-defending, Christ-follower is no longer popular even in many Christian circles! While criticism from the world is to be expected, criticism from fellow believers often surprises us!  We are not accustomed to being labeled (or  dare I say “judged”?) by those who should be our support.  How warped is it that Satan has convinced some of us that simply standing on God’s Truth is being judgmental, and is therefore wrong?
Allow me to clarify: the Bible DOES speak strongly against judging others and becoming self-righteous. Unfortunately, well-publicized, so-called “Christians” have recently taken a stand for their so-called “truth” in ways that ARE harsh and hateful, tarnishing our witness.  Furthermore, we have Christian brothers and sisters actively ridiculing others on forums such as Twitter and Facebook, adding to the world’s negative perception of us Christ-followers. I believe Satan has seized hold of this shame over others’ behavior and used it to confuse believers (as well as the world!) and convince many of us that upholding God’s truth is wrong in and of itself, when the reality is that the fault lies in the method of delivery. We must follow Christ’s example in our efforts to live as transformers.  When the Bible speaks clearly on issues of right and wrong, we are called to uphold God’s Truth with – and this is the key – LOVE and RESPECT.
The key lies in our delivery – a delivery which requires a balance between Truth and Grace, not the absence of either or both.  A total-grace perspective can lead to conformity, while a total-truth perspective can lead to self-righteous bullying .  Is it wrong to bully others into sharing our beliefs?  Yes!  Is it also wrong to be silent on issues that the Bible clearly addresses?  Yes!  Why then have we allowed the world, the Great Deceiver, and even fellow Christians to tell us that it is un-Christian-like to be a Christian? My purpose is this: consider carefully how your life and your actions or statements appear to others (especially in regards to social media).  Do they see a difference?  Are you being transformed by Christ, or are you choosing to conform to the world?  There is no middle ground! If at the moment you find that you’ve been conforming (and haven’t we ALL at some point or another??), remember that God’s grace is immediate and His power to provoke change in us is immeasurable.  On the other hand, if you are already actively trying to live out a transformed life, take heart. I encourage you to look to God’s Word and the Word alone to form your opinions, and allow the Holy Spirit to transform your thinking. Is your audience one you love and one who loves you in return?  In other words, will your message be received in the manner in which it was intended? Is your message one of God’s truth rather than man’s truth?  In other words, do you have contextual biblical support  for your message? Is God leading you to share this truth at this particular time in this particular fashion?  In other words, has the prompting come from Him or do you just love your soap box?

Have you achieved a balance between truth and grace?  In other words, how is your method of delivery – gentle or smug? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
FONT colours: Antique Blue, Azure Blue, Baby Pink, Camouflage Green, Dark Teal, Dark Turquoise, Fuchsia, Light Blue, Light Teal, Light Turquoise, Lilac, Mandarin, Pillar Box Red, Purple or Royal Blue. ENVELOPE colours: Antique Blue, Azure Blue, Baby Pink, Camouflage Green, Fuchsia, Light Blue, Light Caramel, Lilac, Mandarin, Pearl White (same colour as the card), Pillar Box Red, Real Grey or Turquoise. DIRECT TO RECIPIENT: if you would like the card sent direct to the recipient, select this option from the dropdown menu and enter the recipient's name and address at checkout. The card is printed on beautiful pearl white 300gsm board and comes with a high quality coloured envelope, wrapped in a cellophane bag. Sourced from a paper mill in Yorkshire, cards and envelopes are FSC certified which guarantees they are made from responsibly managed forests. If you’ve read this blog, you know without a shadow of a doubt that I fall short of perfect.
Likewise, his disciples followed his example to their own gruesome deaths, all for the sake of a gospel that the world around them found offensive. Even many elementary-age children prefer to learn through movement rather than seatwork.  So, especially for those little learners who always seem to have ants in their pants, this technique can work wonders.
Remember variety, different methods work with different children, so use a variety when possible.
Instead, let’s accept the challenge to dig deeper, to run to the banquet He prepares before us. While I fully support upholding God’s Truth, when we haughtily shove our beliefs in someone’s face with a sarcastic turn of phrase, a witty cartoon, or a picture that belittles others, we end up conforming to the world and looking just like it!  How can we then be salt or light to a world that is in dire need of God’s truth? We have only to study Christ’s example to see how he gently revealed truth to people, often with a single phrase or sentence, and always while caring for their needs, whether physical or spiritual.  He did not skirt sin issues, neither did he humiliate the lost. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ 9 and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ—the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith. 10 I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, 11 and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead. Your message will be printed in the centre of the inside of the card in the same font and colour as in the example shown - see photos. At this age remembering a reference that doesn’t hold much meaning and is difficult to even pronounce can be really challenging and frustrating, especially for kids who might not be familiar with the books of the Bible. Instead of giving life and energy, the food is wasted, worthless, and sometimes even downright disgusting.
Price includes postage and packaging and tracked delivery within 2 working days from when your order is received. If you’re a reader our hope is that you’ll meet new bloggers that love Jesus just as much as you do! We also reserve the right to delete posts that don’t align with the theme or that are deemed by the hostesses to be inappropriate. How many three-year-olds can actually pronounce books like Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastes, or Thessalonians? I have a heart for encouraging women everywhere to understand God's limitless love for them and what His grace means for everyday living.

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