So, I don’t want to see tanks rolling down the streets of modern cities as a threat to the occupants. Following this line of reasoning, I have begun to organize a night of songs of Peace.  I am inviting a couple dozen artists to each perform one song of their choice about peace.
So, as a group, we will BE Peace that night.  We will focus our attention and our energy in that direction. I am really looking forward to it – and to seeing and hearing what each participant chooses to perform, how each one define Peace through music.
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I am not sure the vibe is sinking, but what I do believe is when we start focusing on the things we do not want more of, it is a sign to shift and focus instead on the things we do want. How can you go past “give peace a chance” what a great concept and service of bringing musicians together!
I agree, Heidi, and I am surprised that (so far) no musician has signed up to sing that song… we still have a couple weeks before the show, though. I love how you’re infusing your music with healing the planet and campaigning for peace.
That is my favorite quote by Ghandi, and what a wonderful idea to share such positive energy. Members: remember you get a 25% discount -- go to our Member Library page to find the current coupon code to use.
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I want to see more people BE more… more compassionate, more understanding, more empathetic.
I prefer to BE LOVE TO OTHERS… and it is my deepest desire for others to also adopt this heart attitude.
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