It’s an album that is preceded by adventures in outrageous funk, post-ironic hip-hop homages and dirt-kicking blues and country. Perhaps what is most telling about the personal nature of these songs is that the album itself almost never saw the light of day.
There is only a select group of contemporary musicians that can cement a legacy with the release of a single record, let alone musicians that can still summon such weighted and fervent emotion ten years on. Pagesdigital is proud to be a partner with 3things, a movement for global change created by Oxfam Australia. The low resolution cover art image used to decorate this page as the symbol of the album is copyrighted by the publisher of the work or the artist which produced the recording or cover artwork. In order to be able to listen to the samples you must install Flash Player 9 or newer version. Per eseguire una ricerca è necessario specificare un termine, un genere, un editore oppure un codice Ean.
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It’s an album, too, that was followed by three LPs worth of swinging-sixties pop, spy-movie guitar and bouncy, jangling indie rock.
Its origins are rooted to a few years before its release, where Beck – aka Beck Hansen – discovered that his girlfriend of nine years, ultimately his fiancee, had been cheating on him. These songs that brought up the pain of separation from those years ago were living and breathing – it was Hansen facing one of his greatest fears and greatest upsets head on. In other words, there is nothing like it that comes before it, and nothing like it that comes after.
They split up, and Hansen responded to the situation the only way he knew how: writing songs. Perhaps it was a necessity for Beck to have these songs out in the open, as opposed to clogging up his system or haunting him. Hansen’s weary, drowsy vocal delivery points to many sleepless nights and wasted energy, singing with a weight that bears down the strongest on the entire album. No two Beck records are the same, but Sea Change remains his furthest deviation down the proverbial beaten track – and, to many fans and critics alike, it remains his defining album. Quite a few, in fact – the majority of Sea Change was written within a period of a week in 2000.

Speculation aside, it’s difficult to avoid exactly how much Beck himself invested into these songs and their creation.
Surrounded by acoustic picking, simple percussion and a back-masked reverse ambience, Beck laments how he is still drawn to his former lover in spite of everything. It is an album defined by its low tempo, hushed vocals and tormented lyrics that can only come with the definitive end of a long, loving and trusting relationship. Hansen felt doubt in returning to these songs – their raw, personal nature and their drawn-back, emotive style of balladry were a far cry from tracks that frequented his last studio effort, Midnite Vultures. For a man who was responsible for some of the most fun singles and albums of the 1990s, Sea Change felt akin to seeing the clown crying.
Perhaps it was this that eventually drew Hansen back to the songs, convinced enough that there was something to be made of them.
In 2002, he contacted producer Nigel Godrich, who had last worked with Beck on his 1998 LP Mutations, and began to bring Sea Change to life.

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