When in January the postman arrived and handed me an amazing CD with children´s songs, I received it with a big smile and joy. Yoga postures have a lot of benefits such that it aims to improve our posture and overall physical well-being.
Yoga postures are good to strengthen our body, giving focus to the thighs, knees and the ankles. Having a good butt matters to some women too, a lot of them are practicing in order to gain a great figure and overall better shape of their bodies. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been meditating for a while you’ll find these classes very useful. Click the link for more information and to register for these classes on meditation in NYC.
Angela teaches a very reflective class with simple postures allowing students of all levels to follow along effortlessly. This coming weekend I’ll be conducting a series of workshops in the US Virgin Islands. How do I concentrate better – I manage a good quality 5 mins at most with minor drifting but then my mind wonders massively after this…?
Participants on the adventure have already begun their journey making their way from the US, UK, Germany and Australia. We begin our spiritual adventure in India’s 4th largest city, Chennai, located in the south eastern coast of the country. I have enjoyed a few pilgrimages here over the years and needless to say it has had a profound affect on me. Yoga poses also help to purify and heal the body, as well as helping you to develop a controlled, calm focus of the mind. If you get used to practicing yoga positions everyday, you can expect that your muscles and bones will respond fairly quickly. A clear understanding of what is involved is shared, a plan outlined and tools given to create or sustain a meditation practice. If you are keen to learn about meditation or strengthen your current practice, you’ll enjoy them. We spend one night in this city that is scurrying with activity before heading south west to Tiruvannamalai. But every spiritual journey is as rewarding as the amount of energy put into the preparation for it.

In my workshops and spiritual adventures I share specific concentration exercises that can be integrated into your every day life to help you be better at concentration. The album is called Meditation and Play and the coordinator of this beautiful project is yogini Sia Reddy. The different categories of yoga postures produce different energetic, mental, emotional and physical effects withing your body and mind. If you do yoga once in a while and even regularly, you may sometimes experience a little back or muscle pain.
The rest is up to you for true progress with meditation lays solely on your consistent effort.
This is followed by some interactive study aimed at providing a clear understanding of the journey within you are seeking to embark on. The morning class was yoga and meditation and the afternoon class was on Spiritual Tools for a Balanced Life. Yoga (asana) class was led by Angela Alfieri for the 1st hour and then I led a 2-hour meditation workshop. Below is the schedule of workshops plus links (click the workshop name) to further details on each of them. Know that the mind has no ability to discriminate between what practice is good for you and what is not good for you. The class concludes with a simple, systematic guided meditation that takes you within yourself and brings you back out. The sacred Arunachala hill and the massive old temple to Siva have long been a place of profound spiritual experiences for countless spiritual seekers. I asked Sia to tell us more about the album.Sia, can you introduce yourself to us briefly?I am originally from Austria, 40 years old and mother of three.
I studied Music and French and even though I have worked in offices since we moved to the UK, my heart was always with Music. In 2007, the idea of M&P came up and I wrote a few children's songs for the album (all other songs have already been around). Since one year I am teaching violin, piano and recorder from home and am always keen to be involved in Sahaj music projects.
H., a dear friend, and myself had the idea of starting a Meditation class for children under 5 and their parents in Maidenhead, the town where we live and where Shri Mataji even came for a visit a few years ago. It is a great number of people who has collaborated on this project, many of whom have never met in person but communicated over the net.

If I think back how long it took for example until we finally decided on the logo and its colours….it was months!
The booklet and CD were produced for Meditation and Play classes really, as an introduction book for parents to teach them the basics of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, but also full of colourful pictures to each song for the kids to enjoy.
It has also proven handy for people in other countries like France who have written their own words to the instrumental tracks.
Now that we are starting to produce the CD in other languages – we have already recorded the German version, but this time with 19 children singing compared to 4 on the original English version- we can use the instrumental tracks and only need to record the vocals! The idea to make a booklet and CD - the CD has an amazing attachment – texts, chords, instructions, treatments and so on. It is like some kind of "working” cd for children, there is a lot parents can use to teach and lead their children. Did you have the intention to produce this book with the cd already at the beginning?The production of the CD and its accompanying booklet has been an amazing experience! All throughout the project, we held on to our vision, the vision to create something that would not only be used by ourselves but that could be useful for many others who are interested in running M&P classes but do not know how to go about it. And we thank all the people of the Sahaja Yoga World Foundation who have made production, copy right protection and distribution possible.What would you recommend to parents while using and playing this beautiful recording?Parents as well as people organizing Meditation and Play classes may use the booklet and CD in any way they like. The CD ends with a few lullabies and finally a long tampura sound in case Mums decide to put on the last few tracks to put their children to sleep.
Where can parents buy it?As the World Foundation has generally stopped producing more CDs, all copies that are left over are with me at the moment.
My desire would be that English speaking countries like Australia, America, Canada, South Africa and also India produce CDs and booklets locally, independently and look after their distribution. We are not worried about any royalties as we do not keep any money from the project for ourselves, but I personally hope that 1 Euro, Pound or whatever currency we are talking about is kept aside per copy in order to support local M&P classes, recordings etc.
It is great fun, plus everything is already there to use(the CD design, booklet design, instrumental recording etc), all that is needed is someone overseeing the actual recording of the children singing.

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