One of the most useful tools you can have in your arsenal is a list of the best meditation books. In other words, meditation doesn’t just make you feel relaxed, it can actually improve your quality of life.
Perhaps one of the best meditation books, this Zen book shares the basics of meditation, from how to perfect your breathing and posture to the concept of non-duality.
This book, written by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, inspires readers by offering anecdotes and practical exercises to help you learn the art of mindfulness (aka, being fully aware of yourself and your life). As one of America’s leading spiritual teachers, Sharon Salzberg inspires readers to use their desire for love, fulfillment and companionship as a way to achieve spiritual awakening. One of the most influential books on meditation via the study of mindfulness, this classic is a great introduction for beginners looking to learn about meditation. As an adult it can be easy to look at your life and recognize the stress (and the need to deal with that stress).
This modern classic, one of the best books on meditation, takes the traditional practices of spirituality and applies them to common pitfalls we experience in our daily lives. The Suryanamaskara has been mentioned in our sacred texts of Hinduism like Rig Veda, Sama Veda, and Puranas. Suryanamaskara is beneficial because it reduces stress, improves lung capacity, reduces stiffness of all the body parts, helps to cultivate stability, flexibility and involvement, works on all the glands, systems and parts of the body, balances Ida and Pingala [heat and cold in our body]. Professor of Medicine (Emeritus) Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He was also a known student of Zen Master Seung Sahn and co-founded the Zen Center at Cambridge University. Basically, the book will impart knowledge on mindfulness meditation or simply the idea of being aware of the present. By reflecting on the ideas on how we can be fully be conscious in our present life, the authora€™s approach to mindfulness can help those who are bedeviled by stress or those who are suffering from chronic health problems. Through the methods described in the book, you can learn how to deal with chronic illness or pain caused by too much stress. Kabat-Zinn also provides step-by-step process in following the 8-week stress reduction module. John Kabat-Zinn offers this book as a proof that mindfulness is a crucial factor in forging the link between life, reality, health and wellness. The author has divided the book into five chapters into five phases – entry, sustenance, deepness, ripeness, and practice. These CDs can serve as an introductory course to mindfulness that is designed for Western audience who don’t have full understanding of Eastern philosophy. This book is highly recommended for people who want to learn the concept of being aware of the present, the clear definition of being mindful, and the relationship between the heart and the mind.
So, If you want to complement your meditation with other resources, I highly recommend grabbing one of these books.
Second Acts: Creating the Life You Really Want, Building the Career You Truly Desire (by Mark Levine, Stephen M. There are several sitting postures that were found and used in meditation long ago, thousands of years in before the Buddha in fact. First, you have to put your right foot with the sole up on your left thigh and then put your left foot with the sole up on your right thigh.
Next, with your two palms up, the left one upon the right one with the ends of two thumbs lightly touch each other and with the pointing fingers make a small oval circle, which lay on your lap and closed to the area under the navel.

It can be made in the same way with the full-lotus posture, except for one detail, one foot is placed on the opposite thigh and the other foot rests on the pad. This posture is similar to the two previously described postures, except that your legs are folded but only laid on the pad, neither of them need be placed on the opposite thigh. This posture is also called "seiza" meaning "sitting on feet" or Japanese traditional posture, because it is particularly used by Japanese practicioners. You will need a cushion to support your buttocks and feet when your two folded legs go backwards almost like kneeling.
When you use a chair or a stool to sit zazen, the one thing which is different from the above postures is your feet rest on the floor and they should be in a parallel position and your back should not touch the back holder of the chair. When your day seems overwhelming you have a choice: you can succumb to the stress, or you can find a healthy way to cope with the crazy. Some believe that in order for meditation to be effective you need to empty your mind, while others argue that meditation is simply a state of mind. The author (a monk from Sri Lanka) offers the basic fundamentals of mindfulness, plus common problems you might experience in your daily life and advice on how to deal with them.
But young adults—think college students and teenagers—have a harder time not only identifying the sources of stress in their life but also coping with those struggles. Learn Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Forms, Shaolin Traditional Weapons, Shaolin Chin Na, Shaolin Qi Gong etc. He facilitates workshop-trainings on stress reduction and mindfulness not only for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals but also for anyone who want to learn more about the topic. The title of the book a€?Wherever You Go, There You Area€? puts a slight humour on this concept.
This book is a good read for patients suffering from chronic pain, and to patients who are in constant worrying. You can also determine the roles that stress, tension and anger can play in developing heart problems, decrease panicking and anxiety, boost holistic quality of life and relationships through yoga and mindfulness meditation. Primarily, you will learn more about mindfulness meditation, which is a time-proven strategy for obtaining equilibrium in mind and body’s health. It also discusses different meditation practices, which includes walking and sitting yoga, the body scan strategy, and mindfulness concentration.
Primarily, in order to follow the program, you need dedicate your time, usually up to one hour each day.
In this book, you can learn more about the universality of mindfulness, how to train yourself to boost your attention and awareness, the beauty of the mind that understands itself, and the mindfulness provided through all human senses.
Beginners will find the full lotus difficult, therefore the half-lotus posture is useful as you would not get pain as much as you might do in the full-lotus posture because one of your legs may rest on the pad. Your upper body rests on your upper legs folding upon your lower legs which rest on the mat, meanwhile your buttocks are on a part of the cushion.
While there are plenty of not-so-good-for-you ways to decompress (we’re looking at you junk food, crappy reality TV and massive glass of wine…), meditation is one of the best ways to unwind your mind and achieve balance in your life. This book teaches readers the fundamental lessons of meditation without losing sight of the ultimate goal of enlightenment. This spin on meditation focuses on developing and strengthening the intimate relationships in your life as a way to change your life and achieve maximum joy.
If offers straightforward explanations on how to practice mediation, plus backs up it’s claims with information and inspiration on why mindfulness is so important. This book helps parents teach mindfulness to their teens to help enhance their lives and encourage personal growth rather than anxiety.

He argues that spirituality will only work and will only enhance your life when you stop trying to make yourself better and you completely let go of the materialism that can hold you back. The sequence in itself covers asanas, pranayama, bandhas,kriyasmudras, mantras and bija aksharExcept for people suffering from any knee injuries, severe back pain, vertigo or epilepsy and pregnant (2nd and final trimester). He has written several books on yoga and meditation, but he specializes on mindfulness meditation that claims to help people to reduce stress, pain, anxiety and common mind problems. The book has been written in clear and simple language with brief chapters that can be short as one paragraph. The ideas presented in the book have traces of Buddhist teachings, but the author presents these ideas that can be easily digested by Western readers. Your life will definitely take another path if you read this book and consider its teachings. It is a crucial concern in medicine because it can sap a persona€™s energy, affect health, and make a person more exposed to depression, anxiety and disease. This book demystified meditation, with its simple steps to follow as to what you need to do in order to meditate. Also included are easy-to-read scientific conversations discussing the link between illness and stress, as well as the capacity of mindfulness in bringing health and wellness to a person.
Also, the benefits of the program could be improved by buying the accompanying CDs, which will of course incur added cost.
The book also includes a CD that contains the five guided mindfulness meditations of the author.
This method is called "leg-folding" in order to distinguish it from the two first postures which are called "leg-crossing".
This is a great read if you practice meditation in your own life, and you want to pass on those teachings to your children as they grow up and deal with all of the obstacles and responsibilities that come with adulthood. Apparently, this is the authora€™s response to the growing number of people in the West who are suffering from the stress of modernity.
Once the posture is comfortable to practice, then the breath should be coordinated with every step.
These are among my favourite books on meditation so please scroll down to read the reviews. This book is ideal to be used as your guide in starting your journey learning mindfulness meditation. This groundbreaking book can change your life, if you are really serious in working to improve your well-being.
A recent study conducted by Harvard University proves that practicing meditation leads to physical and psychological improvements. Just bear in mind that the book emphasizes on mindfulness not intended as a treatment for health conditions such as Just keep in mind that the book stresses that mindfulness is not designed as a treatment for conditions. The study found that meditation literally rebuilt the grey matter in certain areas of the brain.

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