Sometimes in life the best things are for free, and this is certainly the case with the monthly Full Moon Meditation gathering on Camps Bay Beach. Apparently, 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 8 hours sleep, so it’s worth investing in a brief brain vacation. Reiki is an energy-based therapy that promotes our natural healing processes and restores our sense of balance.
Lazing by the beach in a hammock making pictures out of clouds sound like an ideal way to spend an afternoon? We’ve heard of Cesar Milan, the celebrated dog whisperer, but we didn’t know there is also a brain whisperer! Meditation is a practise where the mind crosses the conscience bar and enters a zone of deep relaxation of body and mind.
Antiquity – The earliest record of meditation practise has been noticed in Hindu religion, Vedanta to be precise. Growth in the middle ages – The Japanese Buddhism took a surge after the growth of Chinese Buddhism. The Modern Time – In the modern times, the Buddhist meditative practice became more prevalent. Now let us discuss seven different types of meditation which are more commonly in practice now. It is believed by some, that Vipassana meditation was first introduced byBuddha himself, therefore it is practised in Major Buddhist meditation. Through this meditation what you achieve is a deeper and clearer awareness of your inner mind. 2) Make it regular and official – If you want to go the long way then make a specific time for yoga on daily basis. 3) Find a support or guide – If you want to advance in your meditative practise, then it is advisable to take the support of an experienced friend or guide.
5) Meditate at the end of the day – It is the best practise you can do to clear your body and mind before sleeping.
It is normal to have doubts while you are starting with meditation practice but do not stop in the middle.
Sarita ran a meditation camp near Nagpur in India to celebrate Osho’s birthday in December. Osho’s birthday was celebrated at a three day meditation camp at Lonara, 12 kms away from Nagpur, India. The meditation programme was jointly facilitated by Mahasaatva Ma Anand Sarita and Swami Antar Khirad.
Sarita explained the how and why of all the meditation techniques given by Osho for the modern man. In a nut shell, this camp was one of the best meditation camps I have experienced, giving the taste of energy and meditativeness. Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic, true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and her direct transmission from Osho. The best kept secret in Camps Bay is The Retreat, tucked away in the big Glen greenbelt and within walking distance to the beach and Camps Bay Village. The Camps Bay Retreat 5 Star Boutique Hotel is located on a large four acre estate of lush green nature reserve. The Deck House and Villa offer expansive views across the Atlantic Ocean and the Twelve Apostles mountain range. The estate features four swimming pools, a tennis court, a spa and a fine dining restaurant.
The Camps Bay Retreat 5-star Boutique Hotel combines stunning views and first-class facilities, which make it the ideal place to rejuvenate your soul! If I had the Buddha’s eyes and could see through everything, I could discern the marks of worry and sorrow you leave in your footprints after you pass, like the scientist who can detect tiny living beings in a drop of pond water with a microscope. To have peace and joy and inner freedom, you need to learn how to let go of your sorrows and worries, the elements that create unhappiness. Choose a nice road for your practice, along the shore of a river, in a park, on the flat roof of a building, in the woods, or along a bamboo fence. When an artist or a sculptor creates a picture or a statue of Buddha sitting upon a lotus flower, it is not just to express his reverence towards the Buddha.

Hosted by Paradigm Shift, the event is growing in popularity for people wanting to connect with their spiritual self while taking in the phenomenal setting of Camps Bay during sunset.
While we can’t create more hours in a day, we can learn techniques to make it easier to deal with the time we’ve got and use it more effectively with meditation.
It’s intense but only for a short time and then you come away with skills you can practice on your own.
Designed for young, trendy folks, a team of psychologists trained in youth and adolescent therapy developed this clever app. Get a free guided meditation online and listen to Kelly Howell, the brains behind Brain Sync. When not building cubby houses with her kids, she dreams of writing a novel and finishing a cup of tea before it goes cold.
Each time you breathe in and breathe out, you observe your abdomen movements with each breath. If you do this meditation for an hour in a day, then you can both rise on ground reality and walk away as you wish. After practising this form of meditation, you feel more relaxed and your awareness gets deeper.
If you are a beginner with meditation, then you should start with floating feather meditation. If for some time, you want to be completely detached from the world of realism; then follow this guided visualization meditation. Listen to the audio and engage all your five senses to feel and visualize and imaginary world.
Then your next important step would be to create or find a surrounding which compliments your meditation practise perfectly. If you want to feel secure and be indoors then it can be paintings with low light surrounding.
This will make you disciplined and definitely pave the way for a long term association with meditation. Obviously early morning meditation is the best start to your day, but meditation at night is a perfect way to end your day.
The camp was inaugurated on 8th December 2011 with the evening meeting White Robe Brotherhood Meditation and was concluded with the peak of energy at Sannyas celebration and energy Darshan on 11th December.
The ample trees, a mountain meditation pool, waterfalls and streams create a peaceful environment to replenish your heart and soul. The Retreat’s executive chef creates a daily gourmet menu for those who wish to enjoy the fine dining experience in the old-world splendour of the original manor house.
First of all, notice that this world contains all the wonders you could expect to find in the Buddha Land. The artist must above all want to show the Buddha’s state of mind as he sits: the state of complete peace, complete bliss. Some people say that only walking on burning coals or walking on spikes or on water are miracles, but I find that simply walking on the earth is a miracle. If you really want to speed things up and learn proper meditation techniques quickly and deeply, take up a Soul2Soul class for one-on-one guidance.
Take up a chakra clearing and healing meditation class to release energy blockages and clear out the clutter in your mind, stat!
After dropping the kids off at school, take the free 10-minutes-for-10-days challenge in your car, home, or wherever you are. With age-specific programmes and a page for you to rate how you feel after completing each session, this definitely ranks as an app you’ll use daily (after Instagram and Facebook, that is). Calm has 10 different nature scenes for you to choose from when you practice deep breathing for 2 minutes or half an hour. Shakti Gawain’s creative visualisations and meditations help you practice forming mental images to produce positive life changes. Before we proceed with a complete meditation guideline, let us first understand what the word meditation actually mean. It is largely practised to go beyond the common awareness and let you enter a state of ultimate awareness of your inner conscious. In fact at this time period, meditation took the transformation from religious practice to a mind exercise to relax stress and promote self-satisfaction.

Slowly you start concentrating into the real world life cycle and at the same time get detached from them. Listen and feel the ruffle of leaves, listen to the rumble of train wheels while it is moving. You might not get immediate result but if you believe in your practise, you are bound to feel relaxed and focused. Sarita, a westerner, one of the earlier disciples of Osho, facilitated the camp in its purest form and maintained the guidelines given by Osho.
Take short steps in complete relaxation; go slowly with a smile on your lips, with your heart open to an experience of peace. Do you know how many dirt lanes there are, lined with bamboo, or winding around scented rice fields?
It is only because of our veil of sorrows and worries that we cannot always see these wonders.
I know there are people who practice walking meditation in reformation camps, even in small prison cells.
We all sit several times a day, but few of us can sit in peace and with ease, few of us can sit majestically like the Buddha. You can also download meditations for offline use and take your pick from 9 paid meditation programmes. Plonk yourself down in a quiet space during the kids’ nap-time and allow your mind to empty while listening to Shakti’s soothing voice. Her audio coaching uses binaural beat therapy and guided meditation to optimise brain performance. Meditation then was started in Buddhist religious offering and the Taoist, Chinese religious practice. Close your eyes and then shift your focus from one part of body to another, from one organ to another.
This form of meditation is also used as a psychological tool to get immersed into a visual and imaginary world. Wherever you are, you need to be detached from the outer world and live in your inner world. That will help you to get a better hand in meditation and you can progress for a higher level of body and mind relaxation. Khirad, an Indian disciple of Osho, co-facilitated the camp, easing the language barriers for Hindi and Marathi speaking participants. Do you know how many forest paths there are, paved with colorful leaves, offering cool and shade?
However, after a few weeks of practice, you will be able to step solidly, in peace and comfort. The app is full of scientific facts on how relaxing your body and regulating your emotions will develop a healthier brain and a happier you. You can even access short guided meditation sessions on their website while you’re at work. On the other hand, some believe that meditation practise had its origin in Eastern Asia and was spread via the Silk Road. You let in the outer world feelings to come inside your mind, but at the same time you practise to remain detach from them.
Participants were guided to do various meditations such as Dynamic, Kundalini, Nadabrahma, No Mind, Chakra Breathing and the Evening Meeting, among others. They are all available to us, yet we cannot enjoy them because our hearts are not trouble-free, and our steps are not at ease. The Buddha may sit on the grass or on a rock, but he looks as serene as he would look sitting on a lotus flower. Well, put a CD on while you’re on the road dashing from place to place and feel the results for yourself! You can sit crossed legged on your knee also but if your back and knee is weak, then sit on a chair in upright position.

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