ArchivedThis article is about something that was for a period of time or is no longer in Club Penguin. Secret Agents were penguins employed by the Penguin Secret Agency (PSA) who, at first, worked to make Club Penguin Island a safer place.
When the PSA Headquarters had been put out of commission in the Popcorn Explosion, the term "secret agent" refers to a penguin in the EPF. Report any players that are using bad language, being mean, Cheating, or breaking any of the other rules (ever, you could still report players anyway).
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The next step is to create the invitation, putting certain words into code - just use the Wingdings font to type them. Add a chalk-outlined victim to the sidewalk or driveway outside if you're having the party at home. Black tableware is a great choice for your spy party - mysterious and sophisticated, just like all the best secret agents!
For those sophisticated kids who prefer their party beverages shaken, not stirred, try serving Shirley Temples in plastic martini glasses. For your spy-themed birthday party, bake a cake that's really 'the bomb!' This cake is easy to do; you just need a sports ball cake pan.
Make an ID card with space for important information - name, code name, specialties, etc which you can print up for each child. Each guest takes an end and has to follow their 'wire' all the way to the other end to 'defuse the bomb' and collect their prize.

Before the party, you need to create a series of small cards with instructions written in code. The first card gives a location to look for the hidden items (under a chair, on the bookcase, etc).
Outdoor obstacle courses can include balance beams (2x4 laid on the ground), water hazards (wading pools) - whatever you can think of.
Consider giving certificates after completing the obstacle course, saying they completed their spy training. Party guests will love attaching their badge to this clip on leather badge holder with chain.
Forgo the usual goody bags; instead put party favors into a big manila office envelope or forensics evidence bags and mark the outside 'Top Secret', 'Confidential', or 'For Your Eyes Only'. In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the text of which may be found on the U.S.
Secret codes, high security, everyone knows the password to fun is ‘spy party’!
If you don't want "bodies" laying around, try chalk shoeprints leading up to the door instead.
For those who don't know, Shirley Temples are non-alcoholic drinks made with either ginger ale or lemon lime soda like 7 Up, and grenadine. You may want to practice fingerprinting before the party, so you know how much ink to use an how to roll the fingers to get a nice, clear print. String the pieces of yarn across the room, going over, under, and around the other pieces of yarn - as well as any furniture you'd like to include in this crazy maze. The instructions are actually the names of locations where you have hidden other instruction cards with additional locations. Send your junior spies on a mission that will test their strength and stamina with an obstacle course. You can choose from traditional spy sunglasses or try these rearview spy sunglasses that let you see behind you. The really great thing about fake mustaches - other than how they make you look amazing - is that everyone loves them: boys, girls, kids and adults. To become an Agent, penguins had to be at least 30 days old, most likely for experience purposes. Si resides en un Estado Miembro de la UE aparte de Reino Unido, el IVA de importaciA?n de esta compra no es recuperable.
The cipher cards can also be used for the Secret Code party game (see below in the Games & Activities section).

Place a mini-flashlight inside, pointing up so it illuminates the hole without blinding anyone.
You don't have to call them Shirley Temples - not a terribly cool name for a secret agent drink!
If you don't want to have black frosting - it does color your teeth - you can also frost with chocolate frosting. You can also use a sparkler for a fuse, but be safe and keep in mind that you can't blow it out like you can candles. You can leave space for a photo, then take one with a digital camera as the guests arrive, print them off, and put them on the cards. You can include a mini trampoline, tunnels of cardboard boxes - whatever you can fit into the space available. Bomb pinatas are not easy to find, so what you need is a round pinata - like a baseball pinata - and spray paint it black.
If they used a Code from a DS game then they automatically would become a PSA and an EPF agent.
So, it really just served to deter agents not to get banned and to be law-abiding, as they do uphold and enforce it.
Some agents are also considered to be "undercover", and therefore they do not wear uniform, they are incognito.
Type every letter of the alphabet, then change the font to Wingdings or another symbol font. Call them whatever you like, add a couple of cherries to a plastic sword, and you'll have the most sophisticated spies around.
An easy way to do this is to print the pictures on sticker paper, then just cut them out and stick them to the card. Instructions for the Cipher Cards & Secret Code are in the Invitation area of this page. For a little added flair, you can glue a piece of string or a wire to the top for a fuse, and paint a nuclear symbol on the side. Later in 2009, newly joined secret agents in the PSA were sent a postcard, welcoming them as secret agents.
If you create business card-sized ID cards, you can print them on business card paper, which separates easily - no cutting!

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