Starring Joan Bennett, Michael Redgrave, Anne Revere, Barbara O'Neil, Natalie Schafer, Paul Cavanagh, Bob Dwight. Fritz Lang's long line of amazingly innovative and cinematic movies wasn't curbed by his problematic relocation in Hollywood.
Lang doubled back to a glossy vehicle for Joan Bennett, which he admitted was modeled after Hitchcock's Rebecca and Spellbound.
When Mark does show up he exhibits an entirely different personality, acting alternately nervous and angry. The supernatural suggestion goes even further when Celia flees the mansion into a fogbound grove of trees, only to see a menacing male figure approaching through the mist, like Death himself. For that matter, the trappings of Mark's mysterious home are a catalogue of clichés about women feeling estranged in a new marriage to a Byronic husband. The fact that other details express the less palatable beliefs of the 1940s does not help either.
Michael Redgrave is handed the part that simply won't function, as Mark Lamphere embodies a stack of psycho mannerisms, not a character. A resourceful investigator tracks down a counterfeiting gang of cutthroats to rescue his girlfriend from their evil clutches.
Government agent Heath Haldane is determined to locate and bring to justice the mysterious Dr. Famed escape artist Harry Houdini functions as producer, director and star of HALDANE OF THE SECRET SERVICE.
This title might contain multiple covers, scroll down to check the gallery or hit next button after opening gallery. Seldom working for the same studio more than twice in a row, Lang continued to turn out highly personal and inventive thrillers.
For the first time the director would follow a trend rather than initiate one, with a derivative tale of a frightened bride who suspects that her husband is a madman intent on killing her. An elaborate open house initially breaks the mood until Mark decides to show his guests his personally designed "felicitous rooms". The story even makes use of a big fire for its conclusion, while every character reveals more secrets hidden from poor uninformed Celia. If the film was not a success, it is almost certainly because we don't feel Celia's attraction for this man. Reviews on the Savant main site have additional credits information and are often updated and annotated with reader input and graphics. Celia (Bennett) meets millionaire Mark (Redgrave) whilst on holiday, falls in love and they marry; but Celia is apprehensive that she knows so little about her new husband.

Yu, all-powerful head of the Chinese underworld, responsible for international counterfeiting, narcotics smuggling and the murder of Haldane's father.
After his detective father is murdered by the villains, Heath Haldane (Houdini) dedicates himself to tracking down their scoundrels. After his searing social commentary against lynching (in Fury) Lang examined various aspects of the law and crime, switching back to espionage thrillers for the war years. Wealthy, footloose Celia (Joan Bennett) is saddened when her advisor Rick Barrett (Paul Cavanaugh) passes away of a heart ailment. Various mental triggers work like switches in a railroad yard, changing Mark Lamphere from loving husband to neurotic menace in the blinking of an eye. Much of the story is accompanied by Celia's breathless, confused voiceover narration, expressing her contradictory emotions about her marriage and distracting us from the movie's flow of events. Redgrave can't pull out all the stops as he did playing the crazed ventriloquist in Dead of Night.
There is more dirt than we expect to see, in the form of white specks, and the slightly boomy audio track has a dropout or two.
In Washington Square, he rescues beautiful Adele Ormsby who is being attacked by a gang of thugs. The film's final act was removed just before release, obscuring the entire point of Albert Maltz and Ring Lardner, Jr.'s script. Tiring of romantic adventurism, she elects to marry her new lawyer, the dull Bob Dwight (James Seay).
They are instead elaborate shrines to notorious murder scenes through history, a macabre gallery of horrors. We also get a strange montage illustrating Mark's disturbed feelings about his strange situation: "We're all children of Cain". Miss Robey, with her scarred face, leaps right out of psych 101, while Caroline's all-accepting calm isn't reassuring in the least.
Even though he stalks Celia with a silken garrote in his hands, Mark must be redeemed before the finish.
He follows her to a stately brownstone where she lives with her uncle, retired ambassador Edward Ormsby. And time and time, our hero wriggles out of his predicaments with the skill of' well, of Harry Houdini.
Lang and his leading lady Joan Bennett continued to the even better Scarlet Street, a rational murder story that is also a fantastic, fate-ridden horror tale worthy of his silent German classics.
But with her best friend Edith Potter (Natalie Schafer of Gilligan's Island) Celia takes a final 'fling' vacation to Mexico.

If that's not enough, the Levender Falls house has a room #7 that nobody is allowed to enter. And in the hoary tradition of psych melodrama, confronting the truth of traumatic secrets effects instantaneous cures.
Lang's visuals easy top the silly Salvador Dalí surreal visions in Hitchcock's Spellbound, yet tell us little about the character even as he imagines himself going on trial for Celia's murder.
He falls in love with the girl despite indications that she and her uncle are involved with the counterfeiters.
The one surprise in HALDANE OF THE SECRET SERVICE is the identity of the head criminal, a surprise which will not be revealed in these notes. The erotic atmosphere seems to draw her to the enigmatic, fascinating Mark Lamphere (Michael Redgrave), who talks in poetic riddles and tells her only that he is an architect and runs a magazine.
Now half convinced that she has married a madman, Celia determines to discover for herself the secret beyond the door. Screenwriter Sylvia Richards had just come from the effective Joan Crawford shocker Possessed, which mixes a laughable interpretation of mental illness with two or three fairly inspired suspense scenes. They marry in a hurry, a decision that frightens Celia even as she goes through with the ceremony.
The mystery "room #7" of Val Lewton's The Seventh Victim is here, undigested; Celia's past as a possible playgirl makes her seem a sister under the mink to The Seventh Victim's suicidal 'adventuress' Jacqueline Gibson.
This well-preserved print shows the lavish sets and costumes of this fine production which features excellent location photography on two continents.Born Erich Weiss in Budapest Hungary in 1874, Harry Houdini is magic's greatest luminary.
A montage shot of Celia framed in a sitting chair is also very much like a camera setup from the Val Lewton picture, and is really very haunting.
A master escape artist, debunker of charlatans, and a spiritual mystic who sought to commune with the dead, Houdini's name is now synonymous with miraculous, death-defying feats of escape. Relocating to Mark's lavish upstate New York mansion at Levender Falls, Celia is greeted by Mark's friendly sister Caroline (Anne Revere, for once not playing a suffering old woman). In one of her earlier scenes she witnesses a Mexican knife fight over a beautiful woman, a spectacle that sexually stimulates her. Danvers-like personal assistant Miss Robey (Barbara O'Neal, who wears a scarf to hide a face scarred while saving Mark's son's life. His son David (Mark Dennis), a precocious but bitter teenager who takes an instant dislike to Celia.

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