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If we think of this as a foreign key constraint, then table_id would be table association, and foreign_id would be the corresponding ID of the associated table.
The international_description psudo_column column is simply an identifier for the text value.
This pattern is used elsewhere in the jBilling schema, but it's easy to identify as such when you see the mapping columns table_id and foreign_id.
You'll notice that the contact_map table shares some similar characteristics to the international_description table in the previous section. Items are added to orders and invoices as lines (invoice_line and order_line tables) using the item ID as a back reference.
Purchase orders represent all the charges made to your customers, including subscriptions and one-time purchases. Each order has a collection of order lines, these lines represent a quantity of an item that has been purchased at a set price. Similar to the way items are only used to create order lines, orders are only used to create invoices.
The balance column represents the total balance of this invoice, including the carried_balance. In all cases, the payment record shows exactly how much has been paid, if it is a refund, when it was paid, and by whom. Many payment gateways go beyond the need for jBilling to store the credit card number (even in an encrypted form), and will provide a transaction ID or storage ID that can be used for future credit card payments without the need to pass all the details. The mediation process stores a record of every processed event in the mediation_record table.
Any mediation_record that adds a line to an order has an associated mediation_record_line entry.
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Balance billing can occur even when a patient admitted to a hospital for surgery may have checked in advance to ensure the hospital was in-network. Besides expanding mediation rights to more consumers, SB 481 also helps guard against balance billing by specifying that assistant surgeons will be among the medical specialists whose charges will be subject to the law on balance billing. AARP Texas was a key advocate for SB 481 with other groups, including Consumers Union, the Center for Public Policy Priorities, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

It does seem like it will do a lot of good for patients in Texas, because your story is not uncommon. Our Charging Gateway Function (CGF) is a 3GPP compliant offline mediation solution supporting GTP Prime protocol that is capable of accepting any event or record in any standards based format generated by the network and producing rich records in format required by the downstream system.
We have been delivering Results for many years! NexNet Solutions is a unique consulting firm that will assist your business to align its technology and business strategies. Again, in the case of international_description, "where table_id = 14 and foreign_id = 100" would denote a description row for an item with ID 100.
Not all descriptions will be labeled "description"; some tables may have a "title" or "name" as well.
This is because they both use the jbilling_table to arbitrarily map associations to other tables within the jBilling schema and should be handled the same way. These items will always have a price as an association in the item_price table, whether the price is zero or not. Since items can change over time, jBilling invoice and order lines always have their own price and line description; jBilling only uses the item data to initialize the lines item_price and item_id values.
The billing process periodically creates invoices (which are payable) from a customer's open purchase orders.
There is no direct association between order and invoice, or between order_line and invoice_line. If an invoice from a previous period was not paid or only partially paid, the remaining balance is included as the carried_balance.
In most cases, the payment method is determined beforehand (ACH and credit card) and payments are made using these details by an appropriate payment processor. With check payments, the payment record is created first, and the payment_info_check record is added after, so that the source of the payment can be tracked. Payments can be made against the entire account, leaving a positive balance instead of a negative owing balance. The authorization contains all the details of the transaction, including error codes, response messages, and other details returned by the payment processor.
The mediation_record tells us what record was processed (id_key), when it was processed, and the outcome of each particular record.
Greg Abbott and members of the Legislature for making meaningful progress toward protecting consumers with the signing of Senate Bill 481, a measure that could significantly reduce surprise medical billing in Texas.
Kelly Hancock (R-North Richland Hills) and signed Monday by Governor Abbott, gives mediation rights to nearly all Texans who go into an in-network hospital but leave with out-of-network bills.
Often, the patient is shocked to discover that one of their treatment providers, such as an anesthesiologist, was out-of-network.

Processed CDRs shall be transmitted to mediation system over sFTP at a configurable periodic frequency. We provide "Actionable Advice" on how to create optimal technical solutions for your business based on our real world experience, industry best practises, and proven technology.
This is important for something like a unified translation table, since it would be wasteful to have a key constraint for every single possible table mapping in the system.
In the case of international_description, "where table_id = 14" would denote a description row for an item. The contact table is constructed so that contact information can be associated with any record in any table through the system.
This means that a line always shows exactly what is being billed, regardless of recent updates to the base item (changes to the price, item description, etc).
Descriptions are covered in more detail in the JBILLING_TABLE and Textual Description section. Purchase orders can be created manually through the UI or through the mediation process as incoming data is read into the system. Orders and invoices share much of the same data, but because invoices may change (get paid, deleted, etc.), and recurring orders can generate multiple invoices, jBilling essentially "copies" order data into the invoice when it is created. When a gateway key is present, the credit card number is stored as an obscured string meant only for display purposes (something like ************1234). In such cases, the patients’ insurance plan may cover a portion of the out-of-network charges, but the remainder – which can reach thousands of dollars — falls to the patient. A user without an associated customer record is considered to be an internal jBilling user, such as an admin or a clerk. Through the API, jBilling currently only allows contact information to be applied to customers, but it is still an important distinction to note if you're writing your own queries.
This means that you may have multiple mediation_record_line entries pointing at the same order_line. In these cases, you may see multiple entries in the payment_invoice table, or none at all if no invoice was paid (don't worry, the payment will eventually be used). Today, mediation to address surprise medical bills is only available to people who get a bill that exceeds $1,000.

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