This Meditation Uses Brainwave Entrainment Frequencies with Calming and Relaxing music to help the listener feel relief from stress and anxiety. The binaural beats uses a carrier frequency of 220hz which brings vitality, overall balance and stability. Using a naturally occurring science called binaural beats, our meditations entrain your brain to specific states of health & wellbeing, with regular use resulting in increased wellbeing, happiness, prosperity, and spirituality. Whether you want to improve your focus and productivity, relieve stress, improve the quality of your sleep or simply meditate deeper and achieve a higher spiritual connection, we have a meditation to help you achieve your goals, fast.

Listening to our special music promotes mental, physical and spiritual balance, enabling you to manifest all the benefits of meditation at the touch of a button. Sit or lie down comfortably, and don’t forget to use headphones to hear the binaural beats. 90hz is associated with calmness and wellbeing while 0.9hz is brings the listener to a state of euphoria. This is an effective psychological tool for balancing various aspects of your mind (see correspondences below).

The session ends with 8 minutes at 8.0hz a frequency associated with DNA repair, physical energy and the will to live.

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