Whether you are interested in athletic performance, artistic development, personal growth or to maximize your ability to focus, neurofeedback training can be of benefit.
Neurofeedback and biofeedback aid Alexander Bilodeau, Canadian mogul racer, to capture Winter Olympic gold medal. Biofeedback training helps control anxiety, stress, headaches, sleep difficulties, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and more.
In a typical biofeedback session, an instrument records a specific biological activity and you are able to follow this activity as it happens.
With biofeedback you can learn to control your autonomic responses to improve your health and wellbeing. Biofeedback tries to teach you to control automatic body functions such as heart rate, muscle tension, breathing, perspiration, skin temperature, blood pressure and even brain waves. During biofeedback training, sensors attached to your body detect changes in your pulse, skin temperature, muscle tone, brain-wave pattern or some other physiological function.
Although biofeedback has been used to treat a variety of health problems, there is little scientific evidence that it works for most of them. If your doctor refers you to a therapist for biofeedback, the therapist will contact the doctor to discuss your medical history and your current health problems before you begin therapy. If your doctor has not referred you to a biofeedback therapist, but you want to try biofeedback, call your doctor first to discuss the situation. Biofeedback requires motivation, time, effort, practice and honest communication with your therapist. Once you finish your biofeedback sessions, you can return to your therapist’s office whenever you feel you need to.
If you are under a doctor’s care, continue communicating with and seeing your doctor.
If your doctor refers you to a biofeedback therapist, but the sessions don’t help relieve your symptoms, call your doctor to discuss the situation.

We are surrounded by so many sources of stress, like a noisy, or cold or hot or polluted environment, or poor sleep or diet or the BIG one…our own stressful thinking… that it can start to feel like the consequences of stress are just part of a normal busy life.
And while there may be many causes of stress, most of us follow a predictable pattern for dealing with stress-no matter what the stressor. In fact, relieving stress in your daily life begins with the simple technique of observation.
In this series I’ll be giving you a selection of tips for understanding stress and how it affects you as well as simple stress relieving techniques.
It may sound strange but how we breathe has a lot to do with how well we are managing stress.
If you have children in your life, you will likely observe them taking breaths that begin with their belly moving out. Now observe how the adults in your life are breathing…does their breath start in the belly or chest? Notice when their breath one way or another…for instance when more stressed, you may notice a different breathing pattern than when they are relaxed. Notice how you breathe when you are calm and feeling safe and also when you are dealing with stress; like feeling rushed, overloaded, tired, hungry, in pain, angry or frustrated.
If you are experiencing physical, mental or emotional problems neurofeedback and biofeedback therapy can help you learn to relax, reduce anxiety or manage pain.  It can help you achieve your goals! You watch a moving graph or hear a tone to reflect the changes going on in the body system being measured. By learning to control these functions, you may be able to improve your medical condition, relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, or improve your physical or mental performance (sometimes called peak performance training). These changes trigger a signal a sound, a flashing light, and a change in pattern on a video screen that tells you that the physiological change has occurred. This will give you an opportunity to hear your doctor’s thoughts about biofeedback as a treatment for your specific health problem.

Your therapist will discuss your symptoms and expectations, medical history, current medications and any other treatment you tried before biofeedback. At the end of each session, your therapist will review your progress and outline a practice schedule for you to follow at home. There are no state laws that regulate the training of biofeedback therapists, but many therapists voluntarily obtain a certificate from the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA) as proof of their education, experience and professionalism.
Depending on your specific type of health problem, your doctor may suggest an alternative form of treatment or reconsider your original diagnosis. Gradually, with the help of your biofeedback therapist, you can learn to alter the signal by taking conscious control of your body’s automatic body functions. Multiple studies show that biofeedback may be effective for certain types of urinary incontinence, diabetic fecal incontinence and anal pain related to excessive muscle contractions and constipation caused by problems with the muscles in the anus. It also will help to give your doctor a more complete picture of the treatments you are using. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests that you check your therapist’s credentials, experience and certification. Your therapist will discuss the results you hope to achieve and the results you can expect. For example, for muscle biofeedback, you may have sensors attached to muscles on your head, neck and jaw.
As you learn to control your body’s functions, some of which are unconscious, the biofeedback equipment will signal your progress with a tone, flashing light or change in pattern on a video screen.

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