Take a little time each day to relax your body and mind with this beautiful guided meditation. Rest is essential to increasing productivity and to living in harmony with your physical nature.
Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!
Alphadeva is the world's first guided meditation series to combine 2 scientifically-proven relaxation technologies into theultimate relaxation experience.
Since I started meditating 10 years ago, I’ve personally encountered each one of these obstacles and many more, so I know all too well what you’re going through.
Having completed hundreds of yoga nidra sessions and received formal training in the practice during my 1-year Yogic Studies certificate program, I’ve personally experienced all of these benefits myself.
The yoga nidra technique helps you get into a brainwave pattern known as alpha, in between the waking and sleeping state. And that was the beginning of Alphadeva: the world’s first and only guided meditation series to combine these 2 scientifically-proven relaxation technologies into the ultimate relaxation experience. The Alphadeva system consists of 3 levels of guided meditations designed to give even total beginners an incredibly deep relaxation experience. Alphadeva Level 2 builds on the techniques that were introduced in Level 1 to create a deeper relaxation experience.
Alphadeva Level 3 includes a complete sequence of progressive relaxation techniques designed to create the deepest possible relaxation experience. As you get more experience with the practice, you’ll be able to release more and more physical, mental, and emotional tensions. I don’t often use the expression ‘life-changing’ but in the case of Alphadeva it really is appropriate. Despite the instructions reminding me to be deeply relaxed while remaining awake, the fact that I almost immediately slip into a blissful sleep-state is a real Godsend for me… I’m certain this is due to the combination of the ‘beats’ and the instruction because in the past I have tried both separately with only marginal benefits. One of the details I have to mention is that the listener is given plenty of time at the beginning of the recording to get settled and comfortable.
Quite apart from everything I’ve said about the product itself, I must mention Dave’s generosity.
I have recommended Alphadeva to several friends who, like me, have trouble sleeping and they have all received the same benefits as I have. Of all the many meditation and yoga nidra recordings I have listened to, the Alphadeva series is by far my favourite.
Alphadeva is a lifesaver after too long of days and nights at work, dealing with family matters, and overall daily stresses. In order to practice as a healer, and care for others, it is important to learn how, and then to ensure, we care for ourselves first. As caregivers, we are often great at giving out to others, but not too good at recognizing our own stresses as they build up gradually over time, until they reach boiling point.
Special Information: If you are a healer, you are well aware of the enormous challenges of this life path. The problem is, every day, every appointment you have, everyone you meet, everywhere you go, you are going to come in contact with people who are negative, negative, negative.
Burn out, fatigue, depression, stress and compassion fatigue are common signs that we're giving more of ourselves to others, without sufficient regard for our own well-being. Self-care is the first priority of all healers, whether your work is guided by spirit, angels, intuition or a prescription pad. Not only are these professionals attempting to care for the needs of a diverse population of clients who are suffering in one form or another from the stresses of modern life, but they are having to cope with the same stresses themselves. Develop a positive frame of mind by listening to your CD regularly:Burnout among health care professionals is reaching staggering figures. Focus on your priorities day after day, or as often as you wish, and your body will respond to the healing energy you are giving it. The Therapists Advanced Body Scan Meditation focuses on the physical side of body repair, on physical wellbeing.
Message from Phil: It excites me to offer you both of these CD's together, because I know they will eventually help thousands of therapists right across the globe, to benefit from the support and strength they can provide, to influence the wellbeing, and enthusiasm, and enjoyment of being the true face of therapy. Note 2: I am karmically convinced of the safety of this product, but as I cannot directly influence how you use the CD, I can assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur to you or anyone else who uses this product or applies the healing technique. Love Yourself Love Your Body is a beautiful healing guided meditation written and read by Shazzie. When you listen to this high-quality forty-minute production, you will be gently shown the perfection in all that is. Throughout this transformational journey, you’ll be held by the sublime background music and sounds created by Ali Calderwood.

Ali’s state of the art production techniques include whispering echoed background vocals which pan from left to right across the stereo range. This meditation will leave you refreshed, renewed and resonating so much more from your heart.
Shazzie became an instant raw food superstar in 2000, when she started her world-famous blog which attracted millions of readers. She has been featured in the media (TV, radio, newspapers and magazines) worldwide discussing raw food, superfoods, detox, raw chocolate, breastfeeding, natural parenting and personal transformation.
A recording by Shazzie to help you meet your true love and to release anything from yourself that may be unhelpful to you in your quest. This MP3 download will help you to see how powerful you truly are and how you can manifest all your dreams & desires. The longer you continue in this state without rest, the more exhausted your body & mind become. Spend a little time poking around the web and you’ll find countless studies showing how meditation helps you experience more joy and happiness while reducing fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and many other unwanted emotions. Without the proper tools to deal with these challenges, it’s easy to get frustrated and give up before you’ve reaped all the amazing rewards of a regular meditation practice. So what’s the solution? How do you find that elusive stillness, relaxation and bliss that meditation promises? And the simplicity means you’ll want to do it more often which means you’ll progress faster.
This is the state of mind most commonly associated with meditation where you experience deep relaxation, visionary states, and conscious dreaming. With over 2 hours of guided meditations in the series, you will have plenty of material to work with. Alphadeva meditations go a step further by integrating meditation audio technology, providing a clear progression from beginner to advanced and using the proven yoga nidra technique that’s been relied on by thousands of practitioners around the world. It is a 30-min guided meditation that introduces you to some of the key elements of the practice in a simple and gentle way. This is a 45-min guided meditation that includes 2 rounds of body rotation to give each body part more time to settle in.
At this level, we introduce a new technique called “opposites” to induce relaxation in the area of feelings and emotions.
These meditations are very effective at shaking loose and dissolving all sorts of unwanted emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger and sadness.
After 40+ years of struggling with insomnia and the debilitating fatigue of CFS which I developed in my twenties after a severe viral illness, I am at last beginning to enjoy the benefits of deep, natural sleep. This may seem like a small detail but I’ve used dozens of tapes and CDs in the past which have overlooked this important point.
It is thoroughly rejuvenating, and helps to either keep me focused through the day, or wind down at night. Before I began using it, I had ongoing bouts of insomnia and found it difficult, if not impossible, to stop the feelings of restlessness and the constant mental chatter. Like everyone else I know, my life is full and I do not often make time to set aside for myself. Not only does it come with great responsibility, healing comes with serious spiritual and energetic demands. Negative about their health, negative about their families, their jobs, their employers, lovers, neighbours, traffic wardens, EVERYBODY..
Healing is not restricted to hands-on-healers, reiki healers, shamans; there are huge numbers of people in the general population who also heal.
Mortgages, credit card debt, job insecurity, rising cost of living, the demands of family, traffic jams, energy bills, inadequate public transport and services, the constant bombardment of bad news and the unfamiliar risks of war and terrorism.
Stress at work will adversely affect your performance and you can wind up feeling emotionally drained. The healers meditation is available to everyone and will prove extremely useful for everyone.
Your body is programmed to do that, to accept the energy that you give it, either through nutrition, intention, manifestation or through action, and to respond well to the treatment. By learning how to connect with that part deep inside of you, you can activate the healing response and it matters not where the dis-ease came from.
Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. All material produced by The Haven Healing Centre and the Distant Healer Home Therapist Series is protected by copyright law. As an acclaimed author of five books, the creator of several life transformation programs and an international speaker and workshop facilitator her quest is always the same: to help you on your journey back to the centre of your own heart.
This unique effect sits in perfect harmony with Shazzie’s meditation and will help you relax deeper into the meditative state.

Over the past decade she has presented lectures and workshops around the world at the most prestigious of places, including the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. I shared part of one of your meditations with the Unity Sunday School children yesterday and they LOVED it!
It’s a beautiful cycle And for all you meditation pros, don’t worry it works great for advanced meditators as well.
I was aware of another relaxation technology called binaural beats which also helped get you to that same state. Each level builds on the experience from the level before it allowing you to progressively sink deeper into a state of complete relaxation on all levels. I recommend everyone start here and continue with Level 1 until you feel comfortable with the practice. The highlight of Level 2 is a series of visualizations designed to release tensions at a subconscious and unconscious level. This meditation also includes a new series of more powerful visualizations designed to release deep-rooted tensions at a subconscious and unconscious level. As you begin to tap into the contents of your subconscious and unconscious mind, you’ll begin to clear out everything that’s been holding you back from realizing your full human potential. Many other tapes launch straight into the instructions while you’re still scrambling to get properly prepared so it’s wonderful that Alphadeva creates no such sense of time-pressure. I want you to feel the amazing peace and happiness that comes from experiencing total relaxation on a regular basis.
Many healers, of any of the caring professions, are all too often, so absorbed in taking care of others that they forget to take care of themselves.
In an energetic sense you can feel them feeding on your excess of energy, and if you're not very careful, this can make you feel exhausted and powerless. Healers and carers often find themselves in great difficulty when they reach a state of exhaustion.
Anyone working in isolation will be denied the opportunity to debrief with colleagues and this can be mentally unhealthy, especially for healers.
Discover the power that healers and carers use in their work, by encouraging it in yourself. The cells in your body will respond amazingly well in direct proportion to the work you do with them, and where it is possible to work within your belief system, strength and wholeness will return to your body.
It is your right to have health and energy and love and peace, and all the other things that make life fulfilling. After trying tablets from the doctor, homeopathy, yoga, shiatsu, counselling, CBT and even psychotherapy, I can honestly say this is the only thing that has done me any good at all. This can help you with weight loss, self acceptance, loving yourself and your body and much more. Ali’s uniquely crafted music soundscapes within this guided meditation contains specifically designed combinations of healing frequencies which will have a deep, therapeutic effect on you. After years of being a tourist in my own mind, I realized that there was one meditation technique that stood out from the rest. Since both of these technologies were delivered via an audio recording, I asked myself: “What would happen if I combined them?” I went to work on the audio engineering and experimented with all sorts of different binaural beat frequencies and meditation music to find the perfect combination. The way the Alphadeva meditations are structured and the calmness of the guiding voice has helped me overcome my previous difficulties in trying to relax my body and mind. If all I have is just twenty minutes, I can put Alphadeva on and it immediately puts my mind at ease, helps me to become focused again, and carry on. They can become depressed or sad, things start showing up that weren't there before, or old injuries remanifest whenever you take on certain tasks. Then there are counsellors, mental health professionals, charity workers, carers, social workers and all the people in the large list below.
Upon accepting yourself and loving yourself for who and what you are, the universal intelligence responds to this by sending you loving, healing energies. You may not otherwise reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, or create derivative works of this material, unless authorized by The Haven Healing Centre. Eventually I started giving copies out to my friends to sample, some experienced meditators and others total beginners, and the feedback was the same across the board: WOW!!!
I’ve been able to access a deeper experience of stillness than I thought was possible for me and this has had a profoundly positive effect on many aspects of my life. Proof that you really do have mastery over your own wellbeing and proof that you are powerful enough to effect change, changes that will help you to regain control of your life and health.

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