In order to find the The Lost City of Gold, Ben Gates and his team must weave their way to the final clue in a mysterious and highly guarded book containing centuries of secrets. A retelling of The Force Awakens with emoji-fied versions of Rey, Finn, BB-8, Kylo Ren and more. Gwen Stefani surprises everyone with a performance of her song "Make Me Like You" on the 2016 RDMA!
Benjamin Gates must race once more to find the Lost City of Gold and save his family's now-tainted name. A mischievous boy and runaway slave face one challenge after another on a wild adventure down the Mississippi to their freedom.

The remarkable true story of one of Scotland's most beloved and celebrated heroes a€“ a terrier named Bobby! The Tanner family journey to the wild country of 1890s Wyoming to become farmers, facing dangers that unite their family bond. A magical rings stands between two candidates running for District Attorney -- but one keeps turning into a large talking sheepdog!
In this follow up to the box-office hit "National Treasure," treasure hunter Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) once again sets out on an exhilarating, action-packed new global quest to unearth hidden history and treasures. Join Ben again in high definition as he is eventually led to the mysterious and highly guarded Book of Secrets -- if he kidnaps the President.

Determined to prove his ancestor's innocence, Ben follows an international chain of clues that takes him on a chase from Paris to London and ultimately back to America. This journey leads Ben and his crew not only to surprising revelations a€“ but to the trail of the world's most treasured secrets.

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