Summary: A delightful children’s hardcover book based on the original story by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and illustrated by Laura Wood.
Content: What a sweet child-sized version of the much longer classic story, The Secret Garden! In this edition, younger readers can either read for themselves, or enjoy listening to an adult share the story with them.
Photos: From the front to back cover, this padded classic has gorgeous color illustrations. Sign up here  for our online newsletter where we’ll bring you exclusive offers, gardening tips and tricks, creative outdoor decor ideas, simple but stunning DIY projects, profiles of gardeners from around the world, book reviews, product recommendations, and so much more. Authors Joseph Bullman, Neil Hegarty and Brian Hill investigate six London roads: Reverdy Road in Bermondsey, Deptford High Street, Arnold Circus in Shoreditch, Caledonian Road in Islington, Portland Road near Notting Hill and Camberwell Grove.
The primary source, in each case, is the maps of Charles Booth, who colour-coded the levels of poverty in individual buildings in the late Victorian era.

Portland Road, for much of its history, was an impoverished no-go area, gradually gentrifying but still showing a marked increase in affluence from north to south. Consequently, the beef of each chapter slow cooks in this period, describing the living conditions, health, spiritual makeup, hopes, dreams and fears of the denizens of each street. We find ourselves in a city where housing issues are once again at the top of the agenda, with the affluent few increasingly squeezing financially less fortunate communities out of central areas.
All ages will enjoy revisiting, or being introduced, to this simplified version of the story of Mary discovering friendship and happiness in the secret garden. Arnold Circus was built from the rookeries of the Old Nichol, transformed from the worst slum in London to a model housing estate. The book does a splendid job of explaining how we reached this point, in the context of previous housing trends.

Even the Cally Road flirted with the well-to-do for a time, before prisons, asylums, railways and noisome industries brought the area down.
In fact, the changing face of all six areas serves as an antidote to Peter Ackroyd's regular musings about London neighbourhoods maintaining the same essence over centuries.

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