After her mother’s death, Hannah Sterling longs to learn all she can about the woman she never really knew. Get RT’s latest news and book picks, plus information on contests, videos and convention updates delivered to your inbox every month! Download the ratings for all the new books reviewed in the May issue, conveniently formatted on easily printable pages.
It's Tuesday and we're getting ready to kick off the first official day here at the RT Booklover's Convention in Las Vegas!
We're always on the look out for new cover trends, and of late we've especially enjoyed all the crowns on the covers of YA novels! The Raru founders each have over 15 years of experience in the online retail world in South Africa. Spedizione con Corriere a 1€DescrizioneA national bestselling author spins an irresistible story of romance and faith that will touch every reader's heart.

Scrivi una nuova recensione su The Secret She Kept e condividi la tua opinione con altri utenti. AMELIA Carr is a writer who throws herself into her novels and for this she learnt to sail to ensure she had every detail necessary to bring her ideas to life. Following fearless sailor Felicity Penrose we cast back to the Fifties when her boat was found abandoned.
She was presumed drowned and her husband and baby girl Emma soldiered on but 30 years later, Emma has been told that her mother was spotted alive and well.
She weaves in real stories from Ravensbruck, making this drama one that will be difficult to forget. Hidden clues lead Hannah to Germany, where she meets the grandfather she did not know existed.
It is well researched, and the multilayered characters demonstrate the power of love and sacrifice.

There, she hopes to understand her mother, why she left and the reason behind the distance between them.
So nowyears laterbecause he's back and finds out he has a child, suddenly she's the villain.
But she can't seem to push Jake away, and having the infuriating man so closeso close to herstirs up all those feelings she thought were buried as deep as the secret she swore she'd never tell.

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