The first type of rotating door in the video above revolves around a central axis, allowing you access through the small, resulting gaps. Maybe you are not the kind of parent who cuts through the wall of your house to make a secret room.
The stairway that leads to the upstairs bedroom can also double as the entrance to a secret room where your kid can play. While a wine cellar has plenty of natural space as it is, it can open up to reveal an entire new storage wall for valuable which no one will ever detect. Just like in the movies, you can use art or movie posters to hide a hidden compartment which stores AV components and a collection of your favourite movie DVDs.
Hide your personal gun collection to avoid a burglary behind a heavy duty door that can be locked and camouflaged with a book case.
You can also use a decorative metal panel to conceal a hidden bedroom which can be used when guests come to visit. Wall treatments which are maintained on both sides of your fireplace at home may look seemingly innocuous but it serves as the entrance to a secret room.
Why don’t you make the entire wall in a certain section of your house the entrance to a secret room? You can build small compartments under your staircase which can be pulled out to reveal drawers which can store household items. A large ornate mirror could also serve as the entrance to a secret vault which could serve as the place where you keep your valuables.

If you need a secret storage for your cash, you could always camouflage a vault like that of a drawer. A wine cabinet which serves as a display unit for your personal collection of vintage wines can also be opened just like any door to reveal a secret storage room. Your billiard table can be opened to reveal a secret storage for valuable items that need to be concealed. For weeks, as his health deteriorated, his family, his servants - even the King's doctor - pleaded with him to come out, but he refused. After his death, his son and heir, Charles, the 10th Duke of Rutland, ordered that the rooms be locked up and they remained untouched for sixty years. For the first time, in The Secret Rooms, Catherine Bailey unravels a complex and compelling tale of love, honour and betrayal, played out in the grand salons of Britain's stately homes at the turn of the twentieth century, and on the battlefields of the Western Front. It's difficult to review this without spoilers so I won't go into much detail, but suffice it to say that the Lord of Rutland's parents were pretty horrific and the secrets he spent so much time keeping were painful ones. Not my cup of tea, but a good read if you're interested in life in a big English country house during the Edwardian period and throughout World War I. Pretty much all of us have fantasized about having hidden rooms or secret passageways in our homes that will take us somewhere awesome. This is handy if you have limited space available and don’t want a big old book case swinging into your room.
You could take inspiration from the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ film and create a secret room through an armoire.

Add a study desk and a laptop and your kid will get the necessary peace and quiet she needs to study. Let the entire wall slide back to form a passage to a secret room for you to relax and unwind.
This works best if you have a large library room to ensure that no one suspects a hidden room. However, it does not actually serve the function of a drawer because it can be opened to reveal a vault. At its core is a secret so dark that it consumed the life of the man who fought to his death to keep it hidden. This extraordinary mystery from the author of Black Diamonds, perfect for lovers of Downton Abbey, Brideshead Revisited and The Suspicions of Mr Whicher. Bailey does meticulous research and the inclusion of information from many letters really capture the time, its attitudes, and the people living through them. Take a look at these amazing secret rooms, nooks and passages, and you'll soon be trying to figure out how to turn your doors into bookshelves or your cabinets into doors. Some of the best houses have a secret room where your child can go and play in peace, away from the prying eyes of parents.

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