Fox News host Brian Kilmeade began a journey over a decade ago to discover the truth behind the spies of U.S. That journey has come to fruition with the release of Kilmeade’s latest book, George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution, and Kilmeade called into Glenn Beck’s radio program Tuesday to discuss it. The spies, whose identities were only uncovered within the last hundred years, used tools and tactics like invisible ink, encryption, and dead drops to communicate. Among other things, Kilmeade added, the spies helped prevent the British from capturing Westpoint and provided crucial intelligence that Washington used in a ruse to trick the British, enabling French reinforcements to arrive. Glenn Beck and Brian Kilmeade discuss ‘George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution’ on Nov. Kilmeade said that he hopes to shine some light on the heroism of the spies, giving them the credit they didn’t get in their own lives. The Fox News host also thanked Glenn Beck for helping make history a part of everyday news. Beck also commended Kilmeade for his work, saying when Kilmeade first told him the story five years ago, he couldn’t believe he had never heard it. The full episode of The Glenn Beck Program, along with many other live streaming shows and thousands of hours of on-demand content, is available on just about any digital device.
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President George Washington — brave men and women without whom, he believes, the American Revolution would not have succeeded. Kilmeade said that some of those techniques are still used by the Central Intelligence Agency to this day.
He even provides their grave sites, mentioning one in particular that he said is falling into a state of disrepair. Up until Secret Wars, no big event since Civil War could match or exceed the sales success of Civil War.While I enjoyed the main Civil War title I hated most of all of the Civil War tie-in issues.
A longtime writer, editor and children's book author, this is her first major comics work outside of Marvel or DC. So, I was hesitant to pick up a copy of Secret Wars Civil War #1.However, the fact that Charles Soule was the writer helped to allay some of my fears.
Soule is both an attorney and a talented writer so I figured he would be much more intelligent and better equipped to handle the subtext of Civil War in a far superior fashion than the vast majority of comic book writers.
Black Panther tells Dagger that Tony has rigged the entire prison with a self destruct device and the whole place is going to blow up with Steve and their teammates in the prison.
Black Panther tells Dagger to get Cloak and have him teleport as many people as possible out of the prison.We then cut back to the prison. Mariah Hill radios Tony and tells him that Black Panther hacked into his system and activated the self-destruct system. Cloak transported as many people as he could but around 15 million people died in the massive explosion.

Then Norman Osborn attempted to take over the United States, but he failed.Click for full page viewThe United States then split in half. Steve Rogers ruled the West and it was called The Blue.We cut to a young mutant suddenly getting the power of flight. Carol tells the girl who now that she has powers that she has to become registered.The girl says she was not going to hurt anyone. That there are many unintended consequences to untrained people just flying around.We shift to The Blue. It is a large canyon that is the dividing line between the order between The Blue and The Iron. She is the one who started the entire Super Hero Registration push once her son was killed.Miriam is being interviewed by a reporter.
Miriam talks about how she has invited Tony and Steve to meet at The Divide in hopes to finally end the cold war between the two countries. That the United States needs to be unified once again.The reporter says that Miriam is a polarizing figure and that many see her in the same light as the Bullseye Boys and other terrorist groups. The woman then transforms into She-Hulk.Steve, Peter, Tony and She-Hulk then all meet up with Miriam. Steve and Tony then walk into the negotiation room with Miriam.Miriam says that they need to talk about reunification. Steve say that The Blue has twice the land of The Iron and half of the population of The Iron.Steve says that Tony wants land.
That Tony has been starving The Blue by cutting off the flow of all the resources in order to force The Blue to give up some land in exchange for resources.Tony says The Iron is recognized internationally and is a legitimate trading partner so of course they get all of the resources.
Miriam stands up and begs both men to sit back down.We hear a gun shot and we see that Miriam has been shot in the chest by a sniper. I appreciate that Soule delivers a substantive issue that makes the reader feel that they got more than their money’s worth. I also appreciate the depth of this issue as well as the incredible attention to detail.Soule does an impressive job world building in this issue. The reader gets treated to an incredibly well-developed setting and a wonderfully detailed history of this world. Soule pulls off more world building in this single issue than I think I have ever seen before.
Such a well-developed world helps to pull the reader into the issue and delivers a truly immersive reading experience.Click for full page viewSoule fleshes out every single small aspect of this setting from The Iron to The Blue.
I love that Soule even touches on some of the fringe groups like The Punishers and the Bullseye Boys. The concept of the Punishers is spot on and it makes sense that such a group would exist in The Blue in order to enforce their brand of justice. Yeah, Bullseye as a leader of a terrorist group is fitting for this character.What was also impressive was how Soule was able to really nail the philosophical differences between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

Soule was able to take those differences and extrapolate them into the future when asking what if Civil War had never ended. The end result was a logical evolution of both Tony and Steve.Basically, Soule writes The Iron like the present day Northeastern states of New England, New York and New Jersey. Like America’s Northeast, The Iron is liberal in that it favors heavy gun control and heavy government regulation. On the other hand, Soule writes The Blue like present day Southwestern states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. However, the rush to do so was based upon a lack of intelligence about how our legislature and judicial systems operate.
Soule clearly tapped into that same view.Click for full page viewIn this issue, Tony comes across far more reasonable and rational about how a modern civilized society should be run. Possibly.Steve, seems more stubborn and narrow-minded as if he simply wants to keep the war for the sake of fighting. Soule even has Steve say at the end of the issue that it no longer even matters why he and Tony are fighting. It is quite a fascinating take on the conflict from Civil War.I have to admit that even though I am a massive Peter Parker fan, Pete came across incredibly annoying in this issue. She-Hulk being an attorney understands how the legislative and judicial systems work and she would understand Tony’s motivations. Also, being an attorney, She-Hulk is going to understand that the only way to deal with problems is through the proper channels of the American judicial system.
Also, it just works that Tony would be attracted to a smoking hot giant green woman!Soule certainly ended Secret Wars Civil War #1 with a huge hook ending in the surprising assassination of Miriam Sharpe.
This was compounded with the fact that bullet was aimed for Steve and may have been commissioned by Tony.
But, this issue read like it was written by an attorney, which is Soule’s occupation. The issue comes across as dry and a bit dull.Click for full page viewSecret Wars Civil War #1 reads a bit like a history book.
However, the reader’s eyes begin to glaze over halfway through the issue much like when slogging through a history book. If Soule can crank up the emotional side of his story then we could end up getting a real treat of a story.

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