Life Force is the North American name of the game which is a spin-off of the original Gradius game. In addition to this modification, stages were rearranged, and some stages were entirely redesigned.
A large creature named Zelos (possibly the serpent often pictured on the game's cover art) is preparing to swallow your planet whole, and you must stop it from the inside out. Gradius 2 (??????2, Gradius 2?) is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up game released for the MSX computer in 1987 by Konami.
In a departure from other games, instead of controlling Vic Viper, the available ship is called Metalion. This version was ported to the Sharp X68000 computer under the name Nemesis '90 Kai, with some graphical and aural enhancements, as well as additional stages which did not appear in the original.
Half-Life was developed by Valve Software and was released on November 20, 1998 for Windows. Before reaching the top of Mute Tower, if the player receives gold from an enemy or a chest, and it raises their total gold to exactly 777, they will receive an extra 7000 gold bonus. You can also access the Debug Armor without having to use the cheat file mentioned above, but now using the cheat below instead. It began life as an arcade game where it was released in Japan under the name Salamander (????, Salamander?). In Japan, the Famicom conversion of the game retained the original title of Salamander, while outside of Japan, it was released as Life Force. The arcade's fourth stage is now the second stage, and the two stages that consisted mostly of space have been replaced with new stages, one of which continues the biological theme introduced in the first stage. The game is a sequel to Nemesis, the MSX version of Gradius, but is unrelated to the arcade game Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou (which used the Roman numeral 'II').

An unofficial port known as Nemesis '94 (or '95) was developed which is more faithful to the original. Half-Life raised the bar for FPSes, combining action, amazing graphics (for the time), and exciting linear gameplay.
Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist who works at Black Mesa, a secret government facility located in New Mexico.
Push between these trees to find a treasure chest containing some gold coins and a Life Drop. It may or may not work with untranslated ROM dumps, but will work with both the partial and v1.2 translations.
While this conversion retains most of the contents of the arcade version, some changes were made for this release. Many aspects of the existing stages were simplified to run smoothly on the NES hardware, but the look and feel of the game is quite faithfully retained.
The gameplay is mostly unchanged from the rest of the series, though there are some powerups that temporally gives the ship some enhancements.
Another enhanced port was released for the PSP in the compilation title Salamander Portable, which emulates the original MSX version, not as it was published, but as if it were made available for the more powerful MSX2+, which allows for more simultaneous colors on the screen, and smooth scrolling for a better play experience. In the year 6665, he escapes and invades Planet Nemesis and the seven planets it controls with the help of Bacterion. The storytelling in the game is revealed level-by-level through several scripted sequences which places the player in new situations. You and your team of scientists are eager to try a new experiment, and you volunteer to be in it. At one point in the game the trader's camel hints at the secret being there, but the chest can actually be claimed at any time.

This method only works in Gens Plus!, no other emulator or cheat device supports this patch format. Like the arcade game, it contains two-player cooperative gameplay, both horizontally and vertically scrolling stages, and the ability to resume play right where your ship was destroyed. The game was later re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan at the end of 2008 and in the United States at the start of 2009. This game is the first title that Konami chose to include their custom sound chip known as the SCC, for enhanced sound capabilities above and beyond what the MSX was capable of.
Also, when the bosses are being defeated, if the Metalion flies where they are, a mini-level can be accessed in order to obtain new permanent upgrades, if the mini levels are successfully cleared. The Nemesis High Council sends James Burton, ex-pilot of the Vic Viper, to pilot Metalion and attack Dr.
Half-Life has won 50 Game Of The Year awards from major publications and is considered a marvel in gaming. For more information about the arcade game and its various versions see the Salamander guide.
Everything is going well, but a major problem occurs in the experiment, and now you and the other survivors must escape from Black Mesa alive.

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