If you loved this books illusion because you’re a bookworm too, head over and check out this awesome bookcase!
Saturday morning has started with all sorts of hustle and bustle in this house, so I’m a little late posting this morning. If you liked this face and hand illusion, be sure to give it a good rating with the stars below! If you liked this face and hands illusion, head over and check out this hidden face in the snow illusion too!
Chances are, the first thing that popped out at you about this picture was that it was a human skull. The middle of the week calls for a brain busting image to get that foggy brain really kicked into high gear. I spotted this one pretty quickly, but only because I’ve seen a very similar image that happened to stick in my head. When you’ve conquered this puzzle, try your luck at some of these other brain teasers and find the hidden objects!

View DetailsThe objective here is to separated the hanging ring from the rest of the horseshoes puzzle. They remind us of our own mortality, yet the complexity of this part of the human body almost makes a skull a work of art. Look a little harder, though, and you can plainly see that this isn’t a skull at all. The darkness of the picture and the position of the woman invoke feelings of sadness and despair, at least for me. If it touched the warm fuzzies in you, be sure to share the love and  give it a good rating with the stars below!
You definitely won’t want to miss the collection of the top 10 natural optical illusions! It’s the start of a new week, which means we have to kick start our brains for another round of work. Vintage Diamond hot forged saddle lite horseshoe game Puzzle rare iron ooopl #53don't miss that!!

The challenge in this metal brain teaser is to separate the locked ring from the horseshoes, and then put it back together again.
It’s actually a sitting woman who is bending over with her head between her knees and hands clasped behind her head. Dowling Magnets DO-736609 Mini Horseshoe Magnet & 5 Magnet MarblesAlways Save with UnbeatableSale!
If you look closely at the image, you can see how each of the individual features of the face and head are formed with a different part of a hand.
It’s one of those ambiguous illusions that you just find yourself staring at trying to figure it out.

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