Perfect Squares Eye TrickSame Rectangles Optical Illusion Joke Scary Optical Illusion Ambiguous Cube ambiguous Bird or Boat Cafe Wall Tiles Clashing Gradients Clinton Gore Dalmation Dots Dimples & Bumps Donkey Seal Dragon Face How many faces? Here is another example that we made, due to the popularity of the one above: Now that you've practiced on the simple example above, try this. I've found that changing some of the color names to longer names such as Aquamarine and Turquioise will mess with your brain a little more, because it's a little harder to interpret these colors because we don't hear them all the time. On the right you can find different helpful hints, which support you in trying to solve the task. After having worked on such a helpful hint, you get closer to solving the brain-teaser or you probably already have the right solution in mind. Whether for yourself or challenge your mind sharper, the puzzles are a good way to do this! There are tons out there, some are better than others, but weeding through all that is available is a time killer. Quickly save money by using printable coupons and getting your Olan Mills Coupon to take to your local Olan Mills.

All types of Quiz Brain Teasers - maths puzzle, riddle, word game,picture puzzles and printable brain teasers you can think of. Impossible Block Impossible Box Impossible Shape Liar Liar Black Shapes Longer LineMona Lisa Nutty Nut Ouchi Illusion Giant Man Say the Colors Tricky Gray Boxes Green Shades Red Shades Shelves Eye Trick Distorted Checkerboard Impossible Art Box Wavy Lines Twisting and Turning Spiral Optical Illusion for Kids Which Line Connects Crazy Window Image Young or Old?
This is a very strong optical illusion, and is even noticeable in the small image to the left. Works better for some people than others, but if you like the moving illusions, you'll love it! They normally consist of other brain-teasers and experiments, which have something in common with the brain-teaser you chose. Here you can expect other brain-teasers or transfer tasks which are closely related to the main brain-teaser.
Here you can find additional knowledge and interesting facts which are more or less necessary for some of the tasks, for example historical considerations or technological examples. The best thing about them is they have the instructions printed on them so you don't have to repeat.

Although this small image might move a bit as you read these words, the larger versions are even better!
Thinking of already known, similar phenomenons, looking at special situations in the context of the task or making own observations in an experiment can often help to solve the tasks.
Lilly and Fred invite you to think about special cases or extreme situations in the context of the brain-teaser.
But - the solution button is only activated after you completely worked on at least one helpful hint. Ahh yes, much more difficult, and it should be such a simple task for our minds to calculate!

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