If you've been diagnosed as a "chest breather", have asthma or "stitches" (pain) in your ribs when breathing, are an athlete who wants to improve breathing capacity and performance or are someone who can't get a full breath, this program is for you. If you have spasmodic dysphonia, you may find the download version especially helpful for smoothing and deepening your voice. Low energy, inability to stay warm, and chronic anxiety are common problems related to breathing.

Breathing exercises and momentary efforts to "breathe well" attempt to free breathing from habituated restrictions, but because they don't change automatic breathing patterns, they produce minor improvements. This program provides just such training addressing your front, back and sides, so that you don't need to put special attention on breathing; you just breathe well.
NOTE: The download version of this program contains two extra tracks useful for improving voice and may be helpful for spasmodic dysphonia (spasm of voice).

If you find full inhalation painful, you probably have tight back muscles, in which case you need Get Free from That Back Pain.

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