In this article: Discover the 2 best breathing meditation techniques for beginners, perfect for relaxing the mind and finding peace and happiness.
If only we could all stop for one moment and see things clearly, we’d be so much wiser and so much happier. The best answer I’ve ever found to that question is breathing meditations, otherwise known as Anapanasati meditation. Like the ocean, the mind is constantly tossing back and forth, waves crashing about, preventing you from seeing beneath the surface. When you practice some easy breathing meditations you will calm your mind so you can see beneath the surface and within. It was a strange realisation at the time, because I hadn’t applied to be a doctor or even a councillor. The basic breathing meditation techniques I’ll be sharing in this article will open your eyes, as it has for many of my students.
One woman I taught to breathing meditation to realised that she’d sabotaged all her relationships because she was afraid of abandonment (her father had left her when she was young). Another male student of mine suddenly realised that he’d spent 30 years chasing after a dream and in so doing had never really lived the true moments of his life.
These are just a few of the many people who have seen within themselves using breathing meditation techniques. Breathing meditation is a powerful source of insight and can bring up some startling revelations.
That’s why, when you practice the first of our beginners breathing meditation techniques that we’re about to go through, you should be prepared to experience a revelation. Before even considering taking depression medication it’s best to look at ways of curing depression naturally, of which one of the best are Buddhist meditations for depression.

This simple guide will help you to get started in using Buddhist meditation for depression. It’s always best to start with breathing techniques because they are the simplest place to begin. To do a Buddhist breathing meditation, go somewhere quiet where you wont be disturbed, sit comfortably and with good posture. You may notice that when you are focussing on your breathing certain thoughts come to mind. They charge through their lives, wanting more and more and more, working harder and harder and harder, until they are all but worn out. And when you see within yourself, beneath your surface, it’s as though you’re taking your first breath, because you come to see life in a new light.
That’s why I spend so long on my email, Twitter, and Facebook pages answering people’s questions to help them, because I want to stop the suffering. The first time they practice breathing meditation and experience a true moment of inner clarity they come across a powerful realisation. By teaching her breathing meditation I helped her to overcome that sense of abandonment so she could have healthy relationships. He is now dedicated to living in the present moment, and tells me he’s done more living in the past year than he did in the 30 years he spend chasing his dream. Consult a doctor before practicing these techniques and be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Now close your eyes and focus on your breath as it enters and leaves through your nose and mouth. Some people hear voices in their head, some see negative images, others have a general feeling of depression.

For instance, you may recite “I am feeling calm and relaxed.” You then recite this mantra repeatedly while focussing on the words. They look back and realise that their lives flashed them by in the blink of an eye, that they were mindless, that they never stopped to take in the scenery, that they never took life by the reigns but instead, like the bull, were constantly led from one target to the next until they’re all but spent.
I knew that all those times I took to the stage to entertain people, I did it because I wanted people to stop worrying, to stop stressing, to let go of everything that was on their minds, and to simply enjoy the moment. I helped him overcome his unhealthy competition with his brother so he could start on the fitness business he was passionate about. This helps you to create the reality of the words, such that, for instance, saying “ I am calm and relaxed” will make you calm and relaxed.
The cycle repeats until the bull is completely worn out, at which point the bull is tragically killed.
I wanted to make them laugh, sing, and be joyful for just a couple of hours, because that couple of hours was a fantastic catharsis.
The owner of his own business, he is making more money now than he ever did before, and is making more than his brother, though he’s no longer concerned about his sibling rivalry.
That’s why every time a performance finished and the cast went right back to their changing rooms, I peeked out back and watched the audience members, seeing how their faces lit-up after a good show.

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