Buddhist meditation includes various types of meditation techniques that build concentration, mindfulness, insight and tranquility.
This form of meditation is based on two principles: one is calm meditation and the other is insight meditation. Basically, this technique is a form of mental concentration depending on the liberation of the mind by giving importance to the development of virtue and knowledge. The main aim of tranquility meditation is to build concentration, detachment, happiness, and equanimity. Insight meditation (Vipassana) builds self understanding through comprehending feelings, mind and the mental objects. While you are going to perform Buddhist meditation, you need to choose the right technique that suits your needs. Nowadays, Buddhist meditation is widely considered as an instrument to achieve various goals like physical relaxation and spiritual blissfulness. Let’s start our beginners guide to mindfulness meditation by defining precisely what mindfulness is.

The more clouds there are in the sky the less bright the world will be and the more difficult it will be to see the world. When you’re a beginners, learning mindfulness meditation is like the sun breaking through the clouds.
Mindfulness is the act of focusing the mind on the present moment, without judgment and with complete acceptance. In a moment when we get into the nitty gritty of our Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mindfulness Meditation, I’ll share some excellent mindfulness exercises. These eight fold views include: Right thought, right effort, right view, right livelihood, right speech, right concentration, right action, and right mindfulness. This form of meditation teaches you how to progress the life through the four knowledges, the four stages of tranquility. Practicing the right technique can be physically helpful if you approach it in a proper way. 228 Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, BH1 1PE or apply in person at the Centre or on the door.

But just as the rays of the sun can be blocked, dimmed, and transformed by clouds, so can consciousness be blocked, dimmed and transformed by thoughts and memories. The more thoughts, stresses, concerns, and worries in the mind, the harder it will be to see clearly. Meditation is a great reliever of stress and lowers the possibility of many stress related illnesses like high blood pressure and heart conditions. The first stage of this technique is called bare awareness and it goes with an insight of you.

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