I am looking for a thai prayer that i can recite before and after training, and also before my fighters fight in the ring. The word Namo is a short version of the universal Prayer or Buddhist Mantra used by Thai people to show their respect and pay homage to the Lord Buddha and when time is short can be used on its own as a prayer.
Whilst kneeling, they sit back on their heels and with their hands placed together in a Wai will bend forward and touch the floor with their foreheads whilst spreading their hands on the floor at the same time. And yes ofcourse Buddha is a true enlightened one who had created a universal path for the whole mankind to peace and rightful living.

Namobuddha is one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites, which is two hours drive from capital city Kathmandu. Namo is the first word of this Buddhist prayer which declares the 3 main virtues of the Lord Buddha.
This prayer, like many other Buddhist scriptures, is written in Pali, an ancient language of Indian origin which can conceal various and complex meanings. Samma sambuddhassa – meaning one who has attained enlightenment on his own without a teacher.

You may notice that in some Temples there is a board or plaque in front of the Buddha image with a Thai translation of Sanskrit on it. This will be a special prayer written to pay homage to that particular Buddha image and Thai people will recite that prayer instead of or as well as the universal prayer above.

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