The one or two days Buddhist retreat is an introduction to Buddhism which provides the tools for cultivation. Could you and your family or friends use some time in a relaxing natural environment to learn some basics about Chinese Buddhism and Six Step Buddhist Method ?
How about cleansing your system by eating healthy vegetarian food and getting some exercises?
How to use Mandala in Buddhism to understand and solve the problems and issues in everyday life. La sesion de retiro de este mes empieza el dia 18(viernes) por la noche y termina a las 5 de tarde del dia 19(sabado).
To  register or request information these retreats, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page or send us an email. Key concepts presented include “the law of cause and effect”, the “five precepts” and “ten good conducts”. The retreat’s teachings come from the Pure Land school of Buddhism and utilize six steps of cultivation which are tools that enable meditation and peace of mind. Our retreat can be held from one day to seven days, for more information, please contact us via email. The centre is run by a small team from the Triratna Buddhist Order, assisted by those who attend the centre regularly.
The North London Buddhist Centre exists through the generosity of many people, please make a donation to help us continue doing what we do.

There is no better way to give yourself a break from the daily routine  and reassess your life, than by engaging in a meditation retreat.
Manjushri KMC offers a wide range of retreats suitable for people with all different levels of experience, from complete beginners to experienced practitioners. Use the links to the right to see what courses are available and to find out more about retreats and meditation. These Buddhist retreats allow us to step out of our normal routine, and foster extraordinary minds of great peace and inner strength. PLEASE NOTE: This retreat is only for HYT practitioners who have received the correct empowerments.
Lamrim is a special presentation of all Buddha's teachings and meditations in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice.
Spend a week exploring the inner workings of your mind on this self-guided retreat with the blessings of Wisdom Buddha Je Tsongkhapa.
For those with Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment, this is a chance to meditate on the subtle energy body of channels, winds and drops. This weekend retreat is based on the practice of Buddha Vajrasattva, the Buddha of purification. It is open to practitioners of all ages and levels of experience and will be conducted in English. The Nottingham Buddhist Centre is dedicated to the spread of the Buddha's message in a way that is relevant to us here and now, yet remains faithful to the essentials of the Buddhist Tradition.

For those with some experience of meditation we run Buddhism and meditation courses several times a year for those who want to learn something of the Buddha's message. We have Nottingham's best-stocked Buddhist bookshop, which sells books on most Buddhist topics, cards, postcards and incense and some CDs.
It is affiliated to the Triratna Buddhist Community, a Buddhist movement founded by Sangharakshita in the late 1960's and originally known in the west as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO).This name was changed recently to more truly reflect the international nature of the movement. You do not have to attend all sesions or to book, just turn up to whichever sessions you wish to do. In this retreat we can develop the inner causes to make deep spiritual progress by make special offerings and requests. We also have some resources for the visually impaired in the form of CD recordings of some books. The name Triratna also reminds us of our central ideals, meaning "Three Jewels" which refers to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha (see About Buddhism page).

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