College and university tips and hacks for students, and interviews with smart people like Pat Flynn, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jenny Blake. Thomas Frank from College Info Geek dives in to the strategies and tactics that the best students use to be awesome at college. I was sitting in an NYC hotel room four years ago when my friend Sean told me I needed a plan for jumping ship.
The college-success corner of the blogosphere was pretty small at the time, and most of the big players moved on when they graduated.
And so I realized I could keep creating things for students, even though I wasn’t one. This wide topical breadth has allowed me to explore some ideas in which I have great personal interest here on the show: learned helplessness, rationality, brain science. This episode is an in-depth analysis of Erich Fromm’s book The Art of Loving, which was published in 1956.
Fromm was a German psychologist and psychoanalyst who wrote more than 30 books, though The Art of Loving is by far his most popular and influential work.
In the second section of the book, Fromm argues that western society, by way of capitalism, is set up to discourage people from loving properly.
Personally, I agree somewhat with his conclusions, though they don’t lead me to a hopeless conclusion about life in our present society. The last section of the book is the shortest, and it goes over the practice of loving – though Fromm is quick to point out that this is not a self-help book. Overall, I found that this book was just as much about becoming a better person as it was about improving at the art of loving, and that’s why I recommended it to Martin and decided to talk about it on the show. RSS is cool and all, but you can also view the original post here: Philosophy and Love and Stuff (Ep.
I started coding at the age of twelve, when I started learning HTML and CSS so I could customize a website I built for a band I’d never listened to.
When high school ended, I picked web development back up and built a freelance web design company with a friend. Despite our incredibly low-balled quote, the project was a great learning experience, and I used what I learned to take on bigger projects when I was in college.
My humble coding roots also led to a couple part-time jobs in college developing websites, and I was also able to use my skills to customize College Info Geek – which helped make it successful!
RSS is cool and all, but you can also view the original post here: How to Learn to Code (Ep.
For the past few months, I’ve been getting my exercise done really early in the mornings. Since I took an ice skating class in January at the request of a friend of mine and then decided to pursue figure skating semi-seriously, every other weekday morning starts with an hour-long practice session at the rink. On the other days, I usually go to the gym. In recent years, though, scientists have started to discover just how complex and multi-faceted that dependent link is – and just how essential a piece of the puzzle exercise is.
Scientists have also discovered that exercise regulates and optimizes levels of neurotransmitters such as noeprinephrine, dopamine, and seratonin, all of which play key roles in your brain’s ability to pay attention, stay motivated, and learn effectively. Exercise has many other wide-ranging effects in the brain, and has been shown to be beneficial for people with a range of conditions – from chronic anxiety and depression to ADHD. One of the world’s foremost researchers on the subject of exercise and the brain is Dr.
After the interview, I also do a bit of follow-up about my personal exercise routine and how I adopted it. Today’s episode digs into some of the research and discoveries that are covered in Dr.
This book was actually the first book I chose to tackle for my 3-month reading challenge, as I had a hunch that I’d find its insights useful in both my own life and for the content I create for you guys.
In addition, I found that it actually gave me a pretty good education about many of the brain’s different systems and how they link to specific parts of the body.
While reading, I learned about synapses, the different effects of specific neurotransmitters, the functions of specific regions of the brain (including the pre-frontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalmus, pituitary and adrenal glands, etc), and more.
If you’d like to pick up a copy, you can support College Info Geek by using the link above!
RSS is cool and all, but you can also view the original post here: How Exercise Improves Your Brain (Ep.
Ever since I started making videos back in August 2014, I’ve tried to put a much heavier focus on academic topics than I did in the past. As a result, there are now a ton of videos, podcast episodes, and articles on College Info Geek that deal with exams and all the stuff that surrounds them. My idea with this episode was to try to create what amounts to a giant overview of all those tips. RSS is cool and all, but you can also view the original post here: A Giant Boatload of Final Exam Tips (Ep. We talk about all sorts of little hacks and strategies for improving your life on this podcast, but the food you eat affects it more than almost any of them. When you do eat well on a regular basis, you feel energetic much more often, get sick less, and your brain is primed to perform. In this episode, Martin and I will discuss strategies you can use to eat healthily, quickly, and cheaply.
For instance, here’s a simple stir-fry recipe I used quite often when I was in college.
RSS is cool and all, but you can also view the original post here: Eating Cheaply, Healthily, and Quickly (Ep.
It’s easy to let your nutrition go on autopilot when you’re in college, but look man – food is important. Etherington-Smith recommends that riders follow his lead – start by walking the course alone, free from distractions. Over time, the style of those jumps in the ‘guts’ has evolved with the skills of the riders. They also serve as handy warm-up devices, so expect to find (as at Adelaide this year) big ‘power’ jumps at jump one, two and three.
Stag Corner, a set of maximum height brush apexes that required the horses to jump on a bending line, testing the riders’ ability. You can bet the course designer has taken all of this into account, and plotted the next jump accordingly. The very next jump was ‘Stag Corner’, a set of maximum height brush apexes that required the horses to jump on a bending line, testing the riders’ ability to steer the horses away from an obvious run-out opportunity. So much of successful cross-country course riding is about the communication between horse and rider.
That trust and communication is something that is built as you ascend through the various levels.
One of the most difficult things we have in the lower levels is trying to control speed in a fair way. And at the end of the day, Etherington-Smith believes this is the core responsibility of a course designer. Jane Atkinson echoes the opinions of many in the equestrian community when she asserts that Mike Etherington-Smith’s are the best examples of course design you will find. This entry was posted in Eventing and tagged Course Design, cross country, Eventing, Mike Etherington-Smith by The Horse Magazine.
After completing the Fundamentals of Co-Counselling course you will have access to the CCI network, and if you join a local CCI group you will receive contact details of other co-counsellors. These are either a week-end (including the Monday if it's a Bank Holiday) or else a whole week.

They will also devise a blank timetable structure, which usually has spaces for morning and afternoon workshops. The blank workshop spaces are then filled, as the event progresses, by workshops that people either want or offer. A lot of work is needed to keep us functioning in the ways we want to live; wea€™re committed to sharing out this work as equitably as possible. The People Centre is a worker co-op, which employs some of us to organise and host holidays and workshops in the House from April to September. CCI-Europe Go to this for the international atmosphere - people from the UK, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Ireland, USA and other places. This is the Spring event in northern England, in a big old house South of Chesterfield, over a long week-end.
Wisdom House, Near Hartford, Connecticut: one of the venues used for the annual CCI gathering in the USA. If you go to a co-counselling residential you will experience people each morning in the opening circle offering a€?workshopsa€™. Leta€™s suppose you are interested in working on a certain issue or theme: the theme could be, for example, death, eccentricity, ageing, food and eating, intimacy, friends, my home, schooldays etc. I never thought that I can make such beautiful Items in these wonderful colour combinations.
Learn how to study better, hack your habits to learn more in less time and be more productive, build a personal brand that will make you insanely attractive to the companies you actually want to work for, and get tips to pay off your student debt fast and start making money.
Learn how to hack your studying habits, build a personal brand, pay off your debt, and be awesome at college.
Eventually, I’d graduate, move on to the next stage of my life, and steadily lose touch with the lifestyle of a student. Eventually, I realized that Sean was partly right – I did lose some of the in-the-trenches perspective I had when I was a student.
In fact, I could be even more valuable, perhaps – without classes or a job filling up my schedule, I had time to put tons of research into my content, letting me up the quality factor. With that show, every episode has to somehow be related to money, because it’s a personal finance podcast. That includes a lot of different topics, like I mentioned above – productivity, relationships, happiness.
So far, no one has called me out for going too off-topic for covering those, and the download numbers haven’t tanked either. In the book, Fromm looks at love as an art, meaning he views love not as a state of being, but as an ongoing action which requires discipline and practice to master. Rather, they simply reaffirmed the importance of being mindful of my path; of carefully considering why I want what I want, and of continually keeping in mind that my relationships are more important than other things. Instead of listing out a bunch of quick tips, this section more concretely establishes the concept that love is an art, and must be practiced as such. It’s easy, you’ll get new episodes automatically, and it also helps the show gain exposure You can also leave a review!
During the summer before college, we built a website for a local client and made money hand over fist. It also helps us age more gracefully, and prevents the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Martin and I went into the recording session with the goal of covering pretty much everything in broad strokes, while also going into more detail on a few specific topics. Ever since I started making videos back in August 2014, I’ve tried to put a much heavier focus on academic topics than I did in the past. International Cross Country course designer Mike Etherington-Smith takes us out on course and into his mind.
Designer for two of the world’s four CCI**** events (Rolex and our very own Mitsubishi Adelaide International Horse Trials).
That means taking into account how riders will approach from the stables and where spectators will flow from the car parks.
The designer is giving the horse an opportunity to find its stride and build confidence before the real challenges start. He will want to see whether your skills, communication and personal confidence can coax the horse into a different pace and frame of mind. What came next was the undoing of many an experienced combination – a new bank in the water called ‘The Leap of Faith’. The temptation to race at top speed around what appears to be a ‘simple’ course at the lower levels of competition may be great. Evening activities are generally more social, relaxation or fun based (singing, games, cabaret, dancing, bonfires, music, massage etc, or just chatting).
These workshops have elements built into them that are aimed to help create a supportive environment. About a third of us live in the main house, mostly in small groups, some sharing kitchens, and two thirds live in cottages or caravans. If you come to any of these events you are automatically on the list for the following yeara€™s newsletter. Some of these are straight a€?co-counsellinga€™ workshops that have a strong element of co-counselling, and others are a€?non-co-counselling workshopsa€™. Whether you know your university like the back or your hand, or you can't even find your classes, this podcast will help you become an awesome student. That includes a lot of different topics, like I mentioned above - productivity, relationships, happiness.
Sure, you can learn to build a website like I did – but you can also make video games. I started coding at the age of twelve, when I started learning HTML and CSS so I could customize a website I built for a band I’d never listened to. The man behind the Sydney Olympics, Blenheim and too many cross-country courses in the UK and US to list here. Where to start and finish so that questions are asked of horses and riders in a logical order. From here on in, focus is paramount.   As you walk the course consider not just the jump, but where it lies in the grand scheme of things. Horses had to leap up on to the bank, then jump over stacked rails and down into the water on the other side.
Approaching each jump, it is all about confidence – the confidence to know how that particular question should be answered, and the confidence to convey that to your horse.
But by doing so you miss opportunities to teach your horse important technical lessons that will be crucial in the bigger, faster, higher courses to come.
Etherington-Smith says that while all designers follow the same set of principles, each designer adds his own nuances. Workshops get offered on a wide variety of themes, and you can learn to run workshops yourself if you wish. The organising group will welcome people to the event, and host the initial opening circle which gets the event started. The place is a kind of oasis away from ''normal life'', with wonderful home-grown food, shelter from traffic, a co-operative living environment and a truly wonderful natural setting - woods, gardens, loch, wood-burning sauna, pond, big old house.
This is organised by the Scottish co-counsellors and attracts both Scottish and English participants.
It'similar to Barmoor only with more workshops, less child-focussed, and more opportunities for challenge, if that is what you seek. There is a kind of classic format, which is not written down anywhere in any rulebook, but here is what happens in a a€?straight down the linea€™ co-counselling workshopa€™a€¦.

People who sign up for your workshop meet for an agreed length of time, typically a couple of hours.
In such a format the ground rules of equal time may not apply, and there may be an interpersonal element. That second qualifier has started to expand as well; since I started making videos, probably half of my audience is now made up of high and middle-schoolers (judging by the emails I get, anyway). Gets a handle on how they see the event unfolding, and how they hope it will evolve in the next five years.
The details of these events are put onto the CCI site mentioned above, but you can only access those details if you have the password. There are usually lots of workshops, and it may be possible to take a journey into and out of oneself. Each adult pays rent to the housing co-op and for the most part each adult or family is domestically and economically independent. We have a small shop for bought-in food, and during the a€?seasona€™ we can choose (if space allows) to eat with the visitors to the People Centre events.
Children are still welcome though, and childcare is shared by those who either wish to do it or have who brought kids with them. People take turns to look after children (not compulsory if you are there as a non-parent). Note that the normal co-counselling contract deliberately leaves out of the equation any addressing of the interpersonal relationship between client and counsellor. Professional Outdoor Leadership Development Community.A Employment Opportunities After a WOLF graduate receives the certifications need to for employment. How is the horse feeling by this stage – elated, excited and moving fast after a straightforward fence?   Hesitant after a tricky technical combination? Our heating is almost all from woodstoves and we have our own hydro-electric scheme which, when it rains (which is often), provides all the lighting, most of the other power and some of the hot water for the house.
We attend a Coop meeting and process fire-wood each week, and we all take part in our Maintenance Weeks. This is a stunningly beautiful venue: the natural setting offers both the possibility of peace and seclusion from the outside world and an invigorating and stimulating environment for personal growth.
Each person is client for 16 or 17 minutes, during which time they have the attention of, and potentially interventions from, each and any of the other 5 counsellors. We have worked out, potential employment opportunities and internships with a number of Expedition Companies, Adventure Education Programs, Adventure Education Schools & Outdoor Recreation Businesses. At the beginning of a residential attention is often given to helping everyone - not just ''new people'' - settle in. There is little that we do, or attitudes we hold, which do not affect, in some way, everybody elsea€™s life here. The client may elect to have interventions from one counsellor and free attention from the other 4. The course has provided me loads for which I am extremely thankful to "OM CRATIVE CLASSES" and hope that whenever I learn something else from you people, Ma'am will personally teach me all the new creations as she is an amazing Artist whose been a constant support and an amazing Mentor'.AHUJA (NEW DELHI)MY FACULTY IS A GREAT ARTISAN, AND EXPERT CHOCOLATE MAKER. This may be, for example, some group-building exercise, or a session-based workshop on ''being here''. And most of us would say that, most of the time, we enjoy a high degree of co-operation and caring. The food at the Lodge is fresh and truly wonderful: the food at this event will be vegetarian. The point of all this is to help create an environment where it feels safe enough to take the risks involved in personal growth. Also, if you need some support at a specific time, you may need to take the responsibility for asking for it. The quality and the uniqueness of all the products taught here are really beneficial for a long run. WOLFA WOLF, Curriculum was designed by outdoor professionals using the most current training standards and materials, also by affiliating ourselves with other professional organizations such as AMGA, SOLO, ARC, ACA, LNT, BSA. TMO Guides & Instructors are leading expeditions in the USA, South America and around the world.Where do you want to go?
It is a great place to connect with nature, practice awareness and outdoor skills, be challenged, and discover your own unique leadership style. We will also learn how to read a topo map and learn how to use a compass, how to navigate safely through remote mountain terrain, how to facilitate a group, and understand group dynamics. We will also explore the metaphorical, spiritual, and therapeutic elements of the wilderness experience.Lead with confidence. High Peaks Introductory to winter camping, Ice climbing, mountaineering A A February 18-29.
They are home to a very diverse range of wilderness landscapes, we're thankful to have classrooms from which we can go to snowy peaks and ridges to lakes, rivers, swamps and gorges. A The TMO New England's Adventure Instructor & Guide TrainingA  is in the perfect location to access the unique wilderness areas of New England. Further there is a special bonding and understanding which takes the professionalism to the next level. Now I am completely assured that after my retirement from Indian Army I can open my own boutique for my kids better future. Wilderness Outdoor Leadership Fundamentals program is an educational model that promotes a positive message, nurtures leadership development, and creates an awareness of the guiding mentality that is essential for leading safe fun adventures in the outdoors. The interaction with teachers provided me with an atmosphere of comfort and hard work put by the teachers helped me to come out with flying colours. Initially I was a bit apprehensive about doing an online course but now I feel happy and satisfied. Now after completing the course I feel confident that I will be able to delevop my own buiness.
It would not be justified if I would not mention a few words about Ma'am, My Role Model.
She has been approachable and friendly. OM CRATIVE CLASSES has reaffirmed the fact that hard work and giving priority to my work is the key to success. Accepting new ideas, polishing my skills, providing me an insight on the new trends and market has been helpful. There is newness in every product we create which makes the process interesting and full of surprises.
Overall, I believe my mentor has contributed greatly in understanding the essentials of this field.ANUJA (MUMBAI)I really feel proud to be a part of “OM CRATIVE CLASSES” and I can’t describe in words to be a part of such a wonderful Institute. I have never thought that I can learn these Professional courses in an online manner successfully.My parents are really happy to see the creative items I have learnt during both the courses. As a teacher you have been extremely co-operative and very approachable even with the silliest of queries. BRENDA (MEXICO)I am heartily thankful to the institute for giving me such a lovely guidance and support me to explore my creativity. I stumbled upon Om Crative Classes online while I was doing research regarding similar classes.I have been very satisfied with level of professionalism and detail given to the latest designs and things in the prevalent market. They are home to a very diverse range of wilderness landscapes, we're thankful to have classrooms from which we can go to snowy peaks and ridges to lakes, rivers, swamps and gorges.
These are quality adult programs designed for Outdoor Leadership &A Professional Development.

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