This activity pack contains 11 social skills, anger management, and social emotional activities in a fun spring theme to use around Valentine’s Day, St. Forms are presented in PDF format (except for editable files in Microsoft Word format) in color and in black and white! It is important that you maintain a good sense of dressing because it plays a major role in creating good impressions about you. Stop comparing yourself with any other person because each person is unique and have a distinctive set of skills and ideas. This shows that they are not confident enough and fear that they will be noticed by everyone. Comparing yourself with another person who appears to be successful than you may make you feel bad about yourself.

It shows that you are not enthusiastic about what you do and creates and impression that you don’t consider yourself important. You can also scribble down your strengths, weakness, and goals and read it aloud in front of a mirror. If this is the case, just recollect your past successes and achievements and convince yourself that you are good at that.
Lack of goal in life will leave you passive, letting life to go by its own, not knowing what to do next.
Using positive affirmations will help you get out of the thought that you are not good at anything. Unless you respect yourself, how will others respect you?  Always believe that you have a unique set of talents and abilities which no other person has.

This does not imply that you blow away all your hard-earned cash on clothing but whenever you purchase, pick up fancy, stylish cloths. If you are one of those, be bold enough to sit in front next time and encounter the situation. Do not walk slowly because it creates an impression that you are always lethargic and lack enthusiasm.

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